Hand Tools That A Wood Worker Shouldn’t Be Without

When you’re trying to get started in the wood working industry you have to prove yourself and one of the easiest ways that you can do this is by knowing the tools that are essential to the trade. Here are the ten tools that will play a pivotal role in any wood working project.

A claw hammer – the hammer you’ll find at most hardware stores – is the hammer you used in your school wood working lessons. It has a claw at one end and usually a round, smooth head at the other. It’s essential that you choose a hammer that you feel comfortable with and make sure that it’s not too heavy so that you can ensure that your work is accurate and precise.

A layout square is another essential. The most common is the six inch square and although they’re not the easiest too to use they’re great for quick measurements that are under six inches and marking certain angles.

A retractable tape measure is an absolute must have item in a workshop. It should measure up to about 25 feet and have metric and imperial measurements, a hook on the end and a locking mechanism so that you can obtain truly accurate measurements.

A Stanley knife is another pocket essential that any wood worker should have. This is another too that should have a locking mechanism – for safety – and should use disposable razor blades so that they can easily be replaced when the blade becomes blunt.

You should have a sharpened chisel so that you can clear out any dirt or waste that’s found its way into joints. Chisels are available in a variety of sizes and most people in the woodworking industry will carry a mixture.

Spirit levels are essential for finding out whether your work is perfectly aligned either horizontally or vertically. It’s recommended that you have a relatively short one at about six inches and also a long one between 28 and 36 inches.

Everyone’s used a screwdriver at some point so you should be pretty familiar with their set up. When going into carpentry you should stock a range of Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers and also a couple of other varieties like star and square head screwdrivers.

Finally, you should never be without your nail sets; they look a little like a chisel and are intended to push the heads of nails down beneath the wood’s surface. Again, it’s advisable to keep a variety of sizes with you at all times.

Wood work expert John Crimes shares his knowledge on essential tools like chisels and morticers on behalf of www.woodworkmachinery.co.uk.

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