Happiest Jobs In America

Are you looking to switch careers? Do you want a new job or just a change of scene? There is a national pattern happening from the recession. People are changing jobs and careers. Some people are taking any job they can, while others are using there off time to get clear about what they really want.

Whether you want a change of pace, or a new job, consider these jobs as they rank the most fun in America.

Executive Chef
If you grew up liking food, going to culinary school could be a route for you. Executive chefs report loving their jobs. The pay is good and they get to express their creativity and bring comfort and hoy to others.

Administrative Assistant
Administrative assistants are the go to in the work place. They get things done and they are always there for the organization and boss.

If you want more job security look for an administrative position. All corporate levels need help and a supportive assistant is necessary to get things done.

Many people who choose to write books have a passion for writing. When you get to do what you love everyday, you feel more connected to your true self. Book authors have a sense of accomplishment, as writing a book is no small feat. If you have an idea and want to share your message with the world, book writing could be your thing. Authors enjoy what they do and feel happy sharing their opinions and creative stories with others.

Travel Journalism
The same way an author enjoys writing, travel writers get to see the world and write about it. Writing for the mass market in a travel magazine or journal is a great way to express and share new ideas.

Construction Manger
People who work with their hands feel more useful. Construction mangers tend to work outdoors which helps aid in the freedom of the workload. Many construction mangers report feeling happy and content with they’re job. They work with many industries, machining, steel workers, wood workers, manufacturers and the pubic. Working with such a divers group makes it more fun during the workday.

Steel Worker
People who work in the machine industry often love what they do. It is hard work but extremely rewarding. You can look at a full list of best and worst jobs in America by asking your friends and family if they enjoy their work. Many people do not like their job, it is necessary to find a job that is fun and that you love for a rewarding life.

Shannon Kaiser loves her job and is an expert author in happiness and what makes people fulfilled. For more job advice visit American Precision Industries, a machining Portland company.

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