Health And Safety Training Why It’s Important

Health and Safety Training-Why It’s Important

More people are injured in the work place than anywhere else! Health and safety training is one of the best ways to cut back on injuries in the work place and one of the best steps you can take to make your employees safer in the work place.

A lot of times people are injured in the work place simply out of ignorance, they do not realize that certain behavior is risky in the work place. When you educate your work force you are helping to protect your work force. Studies have shown over and over again that education is key to keeping people safe!

Benefits of Health and Safety Training

Millions of dollars are lost each year as a result of work place accidents. It is costly to the company in both compensation claims and lost work. You can help to keep your employees by implementing some standard operating procedures and a training course.

There is no such thing as common sense everything we learn we have been taught in one of three ways, listening to others, watching others or the hardest way through experience. Many times managers do not even realize that there are potential dangers until someone is hurt.

The right training can save a company literally hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in some cases it is millions of dollars. Work place injuries affect everyone in the work place so if any can be prevented it is energy well spent.

All employees deserve a safe place to work! Keeping the work place safe is everyone’s responsibility but you can not hold people accountable if they have not received the proper training.

When you provide the proper training you are giving your employees the advantages that they deserve to be a proactive part of work place safety. Your employees deserve every advantage possible to stay safe. They deserve to be told what will keep them safe.

Your employees will appreciate the fact that the company has taken the time to invest in them by providing them with valuable training. The point is that it is the right thing to do. The company saves money, the employees can take responsibility for their safety and they stay safe!

The Statistics

The Department of Labor released statistics that state that there is a 22% reduction in injuries in the work place when there is a training program in place that teaches employees about work place safety.

If you have 500 employees that is roughly 100 of them that will not be hurt this year if you implement a safety training course for your employees!

That is countless hours of lost work that your company will not experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars that will not have to be paid out in compensation each year. Monetary loss is important but seeing your employees hurt when it could have been avoided is far worse.

Training programs for safety is the smart way to do business. It is smart for the business and the employee!

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