Helping Flood Victims In The Philippines With Food and Clothing

In times of disastrous natural calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, etc., the world has often shown solidarity and come together to help the victims. Many foundations with operations globally have always come to help and rescue the helpless and hopeless. Philippines is prone to natural disasters including devastating floods that have so far consumed many lives and damaged unaccountable property. The Children’s Joy Foundation is one leading global crowdfunding foundation also operational in the provinces of Cavite and Laguna, Philippines.

Helping Flood Victims In The Philippines With Food and Clothing


The Children’s Joy Foundation has residential centers and a significant presence in these provinces. Poor children have been the primary beneficiaries as they are clothed, fed and sent to school. According to Philippine’s Office of Defense, the two provinces represent the most hit and affected regions of the nation. Most flood victims live in poor conditions and lack proper households


Concerns have been raised to extend help to these families and communities residing in the affected regions. Children’s Joy Foundation cannot offer the much-needed support alone. This non-profit charity organization has a social responsibility of advocating for other corporate groups, individuals, and families to also extend a helping hand and provide additional food, clothing, medical supplies, and any other material or financial aid. It is overwhelming for CJF to try and help the vast communities affected and suffering from unprecedented illnesses, nutrition, and quality shelter problems.

Fundraising sufficient money to fund most of these projects is also another major challenge CJF faces. While other corporate organizations and individuals may provide material help, financial help plays a crucial role in quickly alienating the devastating problems these communities face.

The impact of climate change adversely affects the entire Island of Philippines. The rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions have economically and socially affected the majority of Filipino families negatively. Losses of homes, livelihoods, broken families, etc., are just a few of the many challenges the Filipino communities face.

Most flood victims in Philippines living in evacuation centers face problems such as illnesses due to overcrowding, poor hygiene and lack of proper sanitation services. Moreover, destruction of learning institutions including schools and libraries has made the affected residents lack proper education facilities.


Availability of sufficient funds will boost CFJs effort to meeting the basic needs of these unfortunate citizens. The funds will help provide them with enough food, clothes, and proper shelter. Remaining resources will help reconstruct damaged homes and learning institutions for the young children to continue with their education.

Survival of the affected communities is highly dependent on the size of funds available and the extent of the damage caused by floods. CFJ has played a vital role in providing lasting help until most of the victims can recuperate from their severe losses.

Various donors and philanthropic organizations and individuals have stepped in to give a hand to ensuring the affected Filipino recover quickly. Through combined effort sand availability of resources, CFJ can deal and overcome any catastrophic disasters in the future. Moreover, the crowd funding community has well-established connections with major global donors, nonprofits, and companies that can help.

Philippines, with an illiterate population of about 11 million Filipinos, The Center for Art, New Ventures & Sustainable Development (CANVAS), plans to benefit children in public schools by donating close to 10 million books to 10 million children over the next five to ten years.

Long-Term Impact

CFJ aims to restore and help maintain the peoples’ emotional and psychological condition by giving them back a life they once led. Through love, generosity and sharing, CFJ bring together well-wishers from diverse corners of the globe for the common interest of helping the suffering Filipino communities. The Children’s Joy Foundation feels that this is the most direct help they can share with the victims in times of crisis.

Even though natural calamities are hard to prevent from consuming most lives, the extent of the damage is often the most frightening challenge charities, nonprofit organizations and governments must deal with. While the world descends to a global issue with a helping hand, let us not forget that any donation will impact and change the lives of Filipinos flood victims.

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