Here’s How To Have A Great Time Exploring The Beauty Of Wayanad

Wayanad, a pristine countryside district of Kerela that literally means ‘the land of paddy fields’ is not only about fields… it is a hill-station you cannot miss to see. This green paradise of the Western Ghats is not only known for its natural beauty but it also boasts of its cultural and religious significance. Waterfalls, lakes, wildlife, estates of tea, coffee and spices make the place irresistible for the nature lovers. On the other hand places like the glass temple and the Sita Lav-Kush temple attracts history and architecture lovers to Wayanad.

Here's How To Have A Great Time Exploring The Beauty Of Wayanad

Although the district has the majority of tribal people living there, the resorts in Wayanad are well-equipped with modern day amenities. Here’s a list of places to visit and activities to do for having a great time in Wayanad.

Go trekking to the Chembara Peak

The Chembara Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad from where you can view Kozhikode, Malappuram and Niligiri districts along with the whole Wayanad itself. Most of the peaks surrounding Wayanad cannot be used for trekking due to the dense cover of forest.  Hridhayathadakam, the heart shaped lake that never dries up, is the main tourist attracting feature of the Chembara Peak.

Permission from the Meppady forest office is mandatory for trekking here. So, it is highly recommended to start early as the trekking too requires a minimum of three hours to reach the peak. Also no one is allowed overnight camping because of the threat of lurking wild animals.

Experience the mesmerizing views from the Neelima View Point

The trekking path to the Neelima View Point is no doubt mesmerizing but the views after reaching the point is unforgettably beautiful. The trekking path to the point starts with aromatic coffee plantation on both sides followed by ginger and areca nuts. The ascending path then changes into the flower bed of small purple flowers. Lastly the tall and wild verities of lemon grass accompany the path and the visitors.

The sight of Meenmuti waterfalls from the Neelima View Point is something that sticks to the viewers’ memory for lifetime. The flowing water is so white that one can easily assume that it is not a ‘water’fall but a ‘milkfall’.

Let the nature and mythos embrace you at the Pakshipathalam

The Pakshipathalam of Wayanad is famous as a bird sanctuary as well as the house of caves that were used by Yogis to meditate for nirvana. The experience of walking in a dense deciduous forest is certainly a thing that everybody should have at least once in a lifetime. The trek to Pakshipathalam goes through the Brahmagiri hills that finally lead to the maze of mystic caves. These caves houses unbelievable number and verities of birds along with the folklores about the importance of the caves.

The ancient Vishnu temple of Thirunelli that is famous for its architecture is also among the attractions of the forest. It goes without saying that only day visits are safe for tourists because of the wild animals staying in the forest.

Go rafting to Kuruva Island

The place commonly known as Kuruvadweep is actually a cluster of islets with dense cover of evergreen forests. The tourist department provides with boats also but bamboo rafts attract more visitors for going from one islet to the other. This place is a flag-bearer of eco-tourism that does not allow visitors to destroy its pristine beauty.

The geographical peculiarity of the Kuruva Island is a full package of natural beauty with water, forest, wildlife and migratory birds. Different islets of the Kuruvadweep have their unique eco-system that makes it worth exploring.

Wayanad has places of visits that are far from each other and all of them take almost a whole day.  It is necessary to book resorts in Wayanad that are near the place you choose to visit. A slightly long stay is advisable for fully experiencing the beauty of Wayanad.