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Creating a dream recreational home theater may seem like a very difficult task. In fact, many custom, luxury rooms are designed at home with things that are easily obtained. Surprisingly, many people fail to realize that luxury can come at an affordable price and does not have to contain only the best electronics and furniture to be comfortable. Luxury instead focuses on the placement of things within an area so that they can be used in a functional and relaxing way. Recreational rooms can easily be turned into a private, luxury getaway where one can simply kick back and watch TV, play games, or simply relax.

How big should your home theater be?

First, decide if the home theater retreat should be public or not and who will be using it. For example, private home theater rooms that are intended for only one person to escape for awhile will need to cater its design to the individual. Larger rooms, such as recreational rooms, will need to have adequate seating and focus on screen size and sound quality so a variety of people can enjoy the room comfortably. For a combination of the two, a large room can be sectioned off to allow some private space in a public area of the home.
The size of the room doesn’t matter in terms of luxury, because any room can become luxurious with a little bit of work. When focusing on a home theatre system, it is important to focus on the size and needs of the room to create comfort. For example, there is very little point in trying to place a 70″ flat screen and surround-sound in a three foot by three foot room. Smaller rooms may want to try a smaller, but higher quality television and focus on comfortable seating in the design of the room. Larger spaces could try using an impressive size TV and focus the room design and furnishings around the TV. Larger rooms will also require adequate sound systems to ensure that everyone can hear the television in all parts of the room.

Find Comfortable Seating

Seating is very important but is a personal preference. The choice should not be made lightly. Larger rooms that are meant to impress should feature several different seating choices, such as chairs and sofas, to cater to everyone’s needs. Smaller rooms designed to be a quite retreat should focus on the individual’s wants and not differ from them. It could be uncomfortable for the person to lay on a couch all the time and they may prefer the flexibility of a reclining chair, for example.
Having a cozy, lush home theater may seem like a dream, but it can be easily obtainable simply by catering to the size of the space and the people who are going to use it.

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Peter Wendt is a freelance writer and filmmaker living in the great city of Austin, Texas. Wendt wanted a place for his friends and family to be able to watch the premiere screenings of his short films before introducing them to the public, and was able to make this happen. Wendt hired a well known Austin home security & theater system company to install a home theater and surround sound system, and was very pleased with his results. Wendt and his family can now enjoy private screenings of his films, in his own home, without losing the quality and sound you would enjoy in a movie theater.

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