Hiring An Outdoor Personal Trainer

Outdoor personal trainers are now becoming one of the UK’s latest crazes. Army boot camps have now become so popular that you will often find three or four being run in your local park in the evenings and at weekends. Army boots camps are becoming so popular because they are taking old techniques such as sit-ups and press-ups but putting a little more thought into them and being more creative and using the surroundings in the park to make them more fun.

For example, sit-ups could be done on a sloping embankment which basically means you are doing a decline sit-up. For press-ups, the army instructor could tell you to do a press-up but to put your feet on a bench, so now you are doing a decline press-up. This is great for working the top part of your chest and this is a much harder but more enjoyable exercise than the conventional press up. For things like running, the outdoor personal instructors could maybe use the tennis courts to conduct sprints. Sprinting can be very boring and tedious on the treadmill, but doing it in shuttle running on the tennis court as a group can be a good way to include running in your training programme.

Outdoor personal training groups are often divided into colour schemes. Orange, green and blue is a colour scheme that is often used. The orange bibs will be for beginners, who are just being introduced to the outdoor fitness programmes, while the other two colours are for intermediate and more advanced groups.
Often people find certain aspects of outdoor training harder than indoor training, such as adjusting to the climate in the winter months. It is challenging to adjust to the cold, trying to regulate your breathing in the crisp winter air. On the other hand, it could be a hot summer’s day and unlike in the gym, there will be no air-conditioning to help the participants.

Beginners will have to follow slightly easier training programmes until they adjust and then they can move up to the next group. Intermediates will be of reasonable fitness and will want to be pushed harder than the beginners, while the advanced group will be made up of people who are of a very good physical health and these people will do longer runs, more push-ups, more sit-ups etc. An outdoor trainer can help keep your training programme more interesting than a standard indoor regime, meaning your exercise becomes more fun.

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