Home And Away: Your Way To Premium Parties

Entertaining guests can be a tricky business, whether you are attending a spot of corporate type entertainment, or throwing a party within your home.  Getting it right provides a great evening for all involved, you included.

Costumes, Carnivals and Choices

If you are choosing a venue personally, try and select somewhere with just the right amount of space.  Guests will want to be able to chat to one another, as well as feeling like they are at a popular party with a multitude of people.  Picking a theme with which to decorate the venue will make life easier and provide a focus when going shopping for decorations and food.  It can also provide some hilarious moments if guests show up in fancy dress, as each eccentric outfit battles it out to be the best of the evening.  Having a trial run of the party is often beneficial, as it gives you an opportunity to see how things will look and feel on the big day.  This way, any alterations can be fixed with ample time to spare, without causing a huge, last minute headache.  Simplicity is often the key, so choose a simple recipe that you can assemble in the blink of an eye, or splash out on some tasty catered food.  This also goes for the decorations; there is no need to create your own carnival in the house.  Choosing artistic and well-placed pieces gives an atmosphere, without being too over the top.

Office Revelry and Spicy Dancing

Fun is not confined to the home or private parties, but is available in the workplace too.  Yes, you did read that right.  A spot of corporate entertainment allows businesses or corporations to put on a private bash for their staff, stakeholders and clients.  The range of corporate entertainment available is vast, with huge conferences and conventions often created, as well as private concerts and smaller parties.  Entertaining guests and staff is big business and helps to create loyalty to the company over a long period of time.  To add a bit of extra spice to any corporate event, the company may look into hiring professional musicians and dancers, which will add diversity to the evening and provide you with some serious competition on the dance floor.  Having a band or unusual act at the do provides a focal point, ensuring that the night will be fun and exciting for all.  Waiters and waitresses are also available to hire, ensuring that everyone has all the tasty canapés and champagne they can possibly eat and drink.  Who said work couldn’t be fun?  Next time you get invited to a classy corporate party, chances are it might be a good night.

Rumour has it

Whether you are at a privately hosted party, or are attending a spot of corporate entertainment, there are some party faux pas that you will not want to commit.  No one wants to be the subject of viscous office gossip the following day.  If going to a party hosted at someone’s house, bringing a gift is not a requirement but it is thoughtful and a way of saying thanks to the generous host.  A bottle of wine is probably a good bet over any food items, which may not fit in with the theme or planned menu.  Try and be on time to the bash, as the host will most likely have planned the evening with military precision.  Be nice and friendly, mingling with other guests and hence creating a pleasant atmosphere for the other party goers.  Finally, have a good time but don’t get far too drunk if you are out with work colleagues as you may regret it the following morning.

Gem Wilson is a working mother who loves hosting parties.  She uses her experiences of hosting parties and arranging corporate entertainment to write her blog.

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