Home Construction Done Right

Take a minute to stop and think It all through.
I know you are a hard working kind of person, but with any home renovations, think about before, during and after when you launch into your project.

Getting an alteration on your home can seem like an in and out job. For example, if you have always wanted to put up a deck, you may think that it is a simple matter of hiring the contractor and letting him build it. A lot of things come up, however, that make that once easy job complicated. You already know that you need to deal with unforeseen construction complications, but there are also a slew of requirements and inspections that will come up when you find rules and regulations regarding your project.

What kind of unforeseen events can happen in a home improvement project?
When you are done, it is easy to picture yourself enjoying your new home, but picture also the possible side effects. For example, if you want to put in a new dome skylight, what will you have to do to not weaken the trusses? If you put in a bathroom, how will the additional moisture affect the house? And as for our deck, how will the new surface effect groundwater runoff in your yard. These are examples of situations that have to be taken fully into account before you start your project.

Dome skylights you can plan around. What about when you cannot?
Some situations can be a project killer. For example let us say you want to bring in a used mobile home and set it up on your property somewhere. You buy it, get the permit to move it, and then set it up. Before you get a certificate of occupancy you need an inspection. Unfortunately, because the pitch of the roof is not allowed in that particular municipality, you have a mobile home that is set up that cannot be legitimately occupied.

Don not despair just prepare.
It is good to think that you can do anything you want as long as you can get the permits. That will get you to accomplishing some really great things for you and your family. Getting what you want is actually much easier when you tailor your wishes to what the environment can give you. Spend a little time thinking through your plans when you start them. The old exercise of writing down a list of pros and cons is a good way to force you to at least consider negative consequences. Now you’ve planned to reinforce those trusses before the dome skylights go in and you still get what you want. Think how disappointed your kid would be if you built a tree house in a tree that the city later tells you will have to come down.

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