Home Extensions Can Transform Houses Dramatically

Many home owners feel that they do not have enough space in certain rooms of their house, whether that is their kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc and therefore some decide to have a loft conversion, kitchen extension, garage conversion or a room extension. There are many ways to now create more space within your home.

Benefits of Home Extensions

Whichever way home owners decide to extend when creating more space within their home, there are many benefits to having a house extension: –

  • Creates additional space in your home
  • Increases house value (very rare that it doesn’t)
  • Easier/quicker planning permission from local council (if needed)
  • You can often design the layout of the extension – depends on the type of extension.
  • Design the interior to your exact needs/specifications
  • Pricing for house extensions has become more competitive

Types of House Extensions

Below are the main types of extensions available for home owners to have done to their house: –

  • Bathroom Extensions
  • Bedroom Extensions
  • Kitchen Extensions
  • Garage Extensions
  • Loft Conversions
  • Sun Lounges/Orangery’s

Bathroom Extensions

Bathroom extensions are a very appealing option if your bathroom is relatively small and you simply need that extra bit of space. It is also a popular option for those who wish their bathroom to be larger in order that they can then fit in their dream bathroom sweet.

Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen extensions are one of the most common types of home extension. Most people are unhappy with the size of their kitchen, as before more modern houses were built the kitchens were only made for one or two people cooking. Most kitchens did not allow for a dining table to fit into the kitchen and many of a certain age may have lacked general storage in the kitchen itself as this was provided by cellars in the days before refrigeration.

Garage Extensions

One of the most popular options over the past year however has been garage conversions. The instant appeal of garage conversions is that the main building work is already done, the only thing you will need to do in terms of external construction is get the door way bricked up and you are on with the inside. It really is a great way of maximising the space you already have within your propertys existing framework.

Loft Conversions

Similar to garage conversions as you are playing with space you already have however this tends to not add as much value as you would expect to the property. You will also potentially face stronger opposition from planners although recently relaxed UK planning laws may well change things in 2013.

Admason Construction have been carrying out Home Extensions and a range of other building works in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire regions for over 20 years

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  1. We are seeing additional income from an extension being one of the most popular reasons for the addition, especially since the start of the economic downturn.

    People seem to rent out their extension in the short term with the long term plan to sell at the new increased price.

    It’s a win, win situation providing you can afford the conversion in the first place.

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