Home Improvement Obsession Meets Pinterest

Social Networking Sites are Taking Over Traditional ‘Word-Of-Mouth’
Those who are obsessed with home renovations and the possibilities that creative projects can offer you and your home can now turn to the internet to get inspired. The internet has a plethora of ideas and images for homeowners to look at and use as ideas for their own particular home renovation project. In particular, sites like Pinterest.com are giving homeowners the option to share ideas with other homeowners. Rather than traditional ‘word-of-mouth’ ideas that float around amongst neighbours, homeowners can use social networking sites as a replacement for this type of communication.

How the Internet Helps Homeowners Get Inspired For a Home Renovation Project

The internet has certainly transformed the way the world communicates. One of the many ways it does this is by inspiring homeowners in their home renovation projects:

Following a Trend Through Social Media – Homeowners can follow some of their favourite home decor and renovation companies on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. By being a regular follower, homeowners an get up-to-the-minute renovation ideas and trends to help get them inspired to take on a particular project in their home. This is quite advantageous, as it allows homeowners to gain some knowledge and insight from professionals in the business, and gain some valuable education on the home improvement process.

Inspiration and Education Boards – Pinterest.com and Houzz.com are perfect examples of sites that have tons of images and photos of projects for the home. These sites are categorized, making it easier for homeowners to zero in on a particular type of project. Saving these webpages in a ‘favourites’ file on their desktop can help homeowners revisit a specific page that displays images and renovation ideas for a particular home renovation project. Only the most creative projects, such as custom project galleries on www.cityvibecontracting.com, make it onto these sites.

Social Networking Sites Help With Your Home Renovator

If you have decided to employ the services of a professional home renovator, than having certain webpages saved after browsing through sites like Pinterest.com can make it easier for you to communicate your desires to your contractor. Sharing ideas and gathering information on home improvement projects is incredibly easy and convenient by using the internet as the source of information. Before you decide on a home improvement project, visiting these kinds of social networking sites can truly inspire you to create the perfect plan, and execute it!

By Anna Kleinburg of City Vibe Contracting. City Vibe Contracting is a home renovations company operating out of Toronto, Ontario. The full list of services includes emergency services, flood recovery services, design & build services as well as commercial services.

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