Home Improvements; Getting The Most For Your Money

Homeowners across the UK are holding tight and refusing to sell their homes due to the current economic climate; but while this is true you can still see your home as a future investment and spend time and money on improving it. The question is – what do you improve? To help you make an informed decision, below you’ll find the home improvements which have been proven to add value to a property.

The Kitchen

The heart of the family home, a kitchen is a fundamental selling point of any property. If it’s dated, dirty and needs improving (i.e. doors hanging of the hinges and cracked tiles) , then buyers will see an expensive bill rather than a future plan. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but what you can do is keep it simple and contemporary – thereby appealing to the masses.

When you consider how much time we all spend in our kitchens, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is one of the most financially rewarding investments.

Remove Bathroom Blunders

We all love a nice long soak in the bath, maybe pushing the boat out and choosing to have a few candles flickering in the corner. This oasis is hard to achieve when tiles are cracked, and the silicon has been re-applied to the point that it’s all bumpy, raised and if we’re honest – weird-looking. A bathroom should be seen as a relaxing oasis, and even if there is limited space it’s important to decorate and perform improvements as and when required.

Garage: Build on Your Investment

Previously seen as a luxurious addition to a property, a garage has become an essential feature for any buyers. A garage offers security and space, plus it also offers the opportunity to extend above the garage for more space in the home.

Important Note: If you haven’t got the space for a garage don’t do it. It’ll make your home and front lawn crowded and cramped, which isn’t a good selling point.

External Improvements

The garden is a real selling point of any property – and before you let your grounds descend into overgrown madness you should consider what you can do to improve it. You could have a water feature, decking or have the area landscaped.

While these are all great improvements to make around the house, it’s worth remembering that any improvements should be made for you, not just for the sake of improving the value of the property.

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Gayle Brown wrote this article on behalf of J. Pellow & Son; they specialise in performing kitchen and bathroom renovations to a high standard of quality.

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