Home Makeovers

Everyone loves their home to be personal and unique to them and their tastes. British people love redecorating and rearranging their homes and the success of TV home makeover shows represents this.
A home makeover does not necessarily mean replacing everything and redecorating the whole house, there are some really simple and cost effective techniques that you can use to give your home a whole new look without it costing the earth.

A new coat of paint on the walls can completely change the look of your entire house. You should explore the colours that go together and any pairings that should definitely be avoided; if you’re not a paint person or you’re short on time then creating a feature wall can instantly transform any room and will take half the time it takes to paint it.

Your budget may not permit the purchasing of new furniture but a lick of paint could transform old tired pieces into a completely new set of furniture. For the DIY amateurs, making new furniture from several old pieces is not just rewarding but it can also be fun.

Rugs are also very useful for a quick home transformation. Placing rugs on old carpets can not only hide undesirable stains, but promote a feeling of cosiness and warmth within a home. Another great thing about rugs is that they will go in a home of any style and period. You can use traditional rugs in modern homes and modern rugs and traditional homes and you can even revamp an old rug if you’re aiming for a vintage look.

Old picture frames are an equally good source of inspiration. A coat of paint combined with a few decorative pearls can transform any old frame into an expensive accessory. You could easily fix these to the front of plain mirrors to give a real vintage feel to any bathroom.

In similar retro style, old bowls, cups and plates make attractive planters. Arranging an eclectic mix of these on a little side table can lighten any dark corner of the room, or garden.

Old jars can be transformed into great tea light holders; you could stick some more pearls around the top of the jar, you could even paint the glass with glass paint so that they give of a coloured light when you put the tea light in them.

If you put your mind to it you can transform your home really easily by reusing the things that you already have.

This article was written by Anna Bradshaw, a fan of simple ideas for home makeovers and in particular rugs.

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