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More and more homeowners are opting for home security systems in order to protect their property. With the various technological advancements of many home security systems, these systems are more reliable than ever at giving homeowners peace of mind that the safety of their home and their families are protected. If you are on the market for a new home security system then you may be experiencing great difficulty deciding which company to opt for. If cost is a major deciding factor for you, here is a breakdown of prices for the various home security system companies, which will hopefully assist you with making a final decision.

ADT – a well-known provider of home security products and services, ADT is no newbie to the world of security and protection. They currently have a special that enables a homeowner to save $200 on installation on any of their packages, whether you’re interested in a traditional home monitoring system or the more advanced home automation system. The monthly cost of service begins at $36.99, and can be as much as $53.99/month if you’re interested in home automation. ADT was voted the #5 choice for the top home security system, and customers state that the monthly cost is expensive, but for what is provided, it is well worth it.

Protect America- this particular company is offering a special New Year’s savings special that will enable you to pay $19.99 a month with no activation or equipment costs. Protect America prides themselves on providing affordable home security services, and they often compare their company to ADT, stating that ADT is more expensive. Protect America is also the #2 choice for the top home security provider, and customers state that they even though this company doesn’t provide professional installers and require you to do-it-yourself, it’s a very economical and high quality service.

Security Options – if you’re looking for a security company that handles the installation for you, preventing you from being required to install the mind boggling equipment yourself, this company is a good choice. They offer a free consultation, free equipment, and free installation. Their prices are cheaper than most others at only $29.99 a month.

Vivint Home Security – voted the top 100 best companies by Computer World for 2012, this choice offers home security monitoring at $49.99 a month, and their lowest installation cost is $99, but it could be more depending on your specific credit score.

Choosing the right home security company is an important decision, as this is the company that will be providing 24 hour protection for your home. This is why you should take every aspect of each choice into consideration before making a final decision. It doesn’t matter which company you ultimately decide to go with, as long you are satisfied with the price you’re paying and the service, you have made a very good decision to protect your investment as well as your family.

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