Hope For Seniors In Assisted Living Communities

As we grow older, daily activities such as showering, cleaning and grocery shopping suddenly prove difficult. This takes a toll on even the strongest of people. Assisted living communities offer hope to many seniors by ensuring that they maintain their independence without having to worry about things like home maintenance, housekeeping and even meal preparation. So long as the seniors do not require intensive medical and nursing care, assisted living communities are a great alternative to living independently.

Hope For Seniors In Assisted Living Communities

Daily Living-Help

Assisted living communities offer hope to seniors who do not have their families at their beck and call, allowing them to live independently while ensuring that they can easily get assistance with showering, dressing, housekeeping and meal preparation. Without having to worry about such simple concerns, these seniors are free to pursue other interests such as arts and crafts, board games, touring or any other interests.

Medical Care

Most assisted living communities offer medical care to seniors in these communities. With the availability of full-time nursing assistants, seniors get assistance with ensuring that they take their medication as required, and one does not have to worry about forgetting to take their medication. If one suffers from minor ailments, he/she can get treatment immediately.

Recreational Activities

No one wants to stop enjoying life simply because of advancement in age. Assisted living communities offer organized recreational activities to seniors in such communities. This greatly contributes to socialization which is critical in combating depression and loneliness that is associated with seniors living on their own, with family members not always being around to cater for their socialization needs. They are therefore hopeful of having a normal social life with their age mates. This has been shown to improve the quality of life for seniors greatly.

Increased Safety

There is nothing as bad as having to worry about your safety because of simple tasks such as getting out of bed. It has been reported and documented that falls are the leading cause of accidents among seniors. In assisted living communities, seniors do not have to worry about tasks that could lead to such accidents because there is always someone around to offer assistance with whatever they may need. If and when an accident occurs, they can easily and quickly access help.

Transportation Services

As we grow older, many end up depending more and more on family and friends for transportation services. This level of dependence is normally very frustrating and could significantly affect one’s self-esteem and feel of worthiness. With assisted living communities, transportation services are readily available which means that seniors can easily find their way from one point to the other without feeling overly dependent on others.

Privacy and Home-like Setting

In assisted living communities, seniors benefit from much-needed privacy in a home-like setting. Unlike in a nursing home which does not offer the home setting, assisted living communities promote the home-setting which eases the transition from one’s home to that of an assisted community living. Additionally, a senior’s privacy is not invaded allowing them to still enjoy their independence and to make many decisions by themselves. All these come with the added advantage of services such as housekeeping and meal preparation. There is, therefore, hope for seniors to continue leading their lives independently.

None of us like not being in charge or in control of our lives. Assisted living communities offer seniors the hope of maintaining a sense of control over what happens in their lives without having to worry about tasks that come with home management. Seniors are also offered the hope of much-needed peer socialization which decreases as we age.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO.