Hopeful Parents: How To Deal With Obstacles

Walking through infertility is a painful and stressful journey. Particularly difficult is dealing with unexplained infertility – when doctors can find no structural or hormonal reason for your infertility. Not having concrete answers or a plan for treatment can be frustrating and provoke a lot of anxiety.

The good news is there are now many options for successfully treating unexplained infertility – from traditional Western medicine to psychotherapy to acupuncture. Though there’s no guarantee overcoming infertility will be easy, it is possible. As you choose the treatment path that’s best suited to you, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you deal with any obstacles that may come to pass.

Share Your Story

Often, couples facing infertility are embarrassed by their struggles and don’t openly share them with others. One in five American couples today face infertility issues, according to a report by The Centers for Disease Control. That means that by sharing with others, you are likely to come across other couples that have dealt with or are dealing with infertility. Making a connection with someone who truly understands your situation and can offer appropriate encouragement and advice can make obstacles easier to navigate.

Have a “Statement” Prepared

It gets tiresome for couples in the midst of infertility to be continually asked, “So, when are you having a baby?” Though these constant questions surrounding such a sensitive topic are generally not malicious, they can still feel hurtful. Sometimes it helps to have a canned response prepared. Something along the lines of, “We are trying, but are facing some challenges. We’re seeking help from experts, and would appreciate your support and positive thoughts during this time.” If questioning endures and you are not comfortable continuing the discussion, it’s okay. to say “We prefer not to talk about it right now– It’s a difficult subject.”

Once you’ve shared your struggles, many people want to offer advice. These conversations can also be difficult, so politely ending them with a prepared statement like those above can be helpful.

Explore Your Options

Just because your sister’s friend overcame unexplained infertility through IVF does not mean that has to be the path for you. Look into all the possibilities and ask for references. Hearing the success stories of others can be uplifting and can help you make a difficult decision.

Stay Close to Your Partner

The stress of infertility can take a toll on your marriage. Finding ways to connect and nurture your relationship needs to be a top priority. In the end, when you are holding your gorgeous baby in your arms, you will be grateful for the strong bond you built while walking through this challenge.

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