Hosted VoIP: Why Businesses Are Making the Switch

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol was designed to provide communication through the internet thus reducing the use of telephone lines.  Traditional phone calls transmit voice calls using analog signals while VoIP uses digital signals which are known for their quality.  Even though VoIP was introduced to the market several years ago, it was only recently that businesses began to fully embrace the technology. Some of the reasons why businesses were reluctant to use VoIP were due to the poor technology that was used which made the quality of calls poor and resulted in high call termination rates. However, due to recent advances in VoIP technology, the system has seen vast improvement in terms of quality.

One of the major reasons why businesses are now choosing to switching to VoIP is the lower costs associated with the technology. Voice communication is expensive and businesses spend a huge portion of their expenditure on telephone calls. However, VoIP allows for voice conversations – especially international calls – to be made at low costs. Furthermore, it is possible for businesses to make free calls using VoIP, if the same VoIP equipment is being utilised by the business and the persons at the receiving end. Consequently, by switching to VoIP, a company can save a considerable amount of money in the long run which, in turn, can increase profits.

For businesses that have plenty of mobile employees, using VoIP cuts down a significant amount of phone call expenses. In most cases, these employees use mobile phones at the expense of the company to communicate with other employees or clients. By using VoIP, these mobile employees can stay in touch virtually with other employees and clients using less financial resources. In addition, whenever a client calls the office to talk to a specific employee, the call can easily be routed to the employee’s company mobile phone in the event that he or she is not in the office. Doing this improves employee’s productivity and increases their chances of making sales.

The use of business VoIP provides greater flexibility in terms of how it handles its operations. For instance, using the standard VoIP adapter, it is possible to take your telephone number along with you and this is useful  if you are travelling overseas and do not want to miss any important business calls. Moreover, VoIP can be integrated with several applications such as email and fax thus providing employees the flexibility they need to be more productive.

If you are concerned about the high costs of telephone costs, you should consider integrating VoIP into your business.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.

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