Hosting Holiday Guests: The Preparation

Now that shelves are being stocked with advent calendars and staff Christmas parties are being planned it’s clear that we are entering the frenzy of festive season preparations. For many people this symbolises one thing – house guests. It’s inevitable, it’s enjoyable, but there’s no denying that entertaining people in your home can be quite a taxing experience. Here are some tips aimed at helping you prepare your house for the arrival of guests this holiday period.

External Exquisiteness

From the moment your guests step onto the property you want to make them feel welcome. From having the lawn cut, to putting refuse out of sight and making space for them to park their car inside, if possible. The porch is the next area of focus. Remove any unnecessary items that may have just found their way to the area and give it a good sweeping.

Elegant Entry

First impressions last and so when your guests step into the house you want it to look immaculate. There’s nothing like a fresh scent when you walk into someone’s house and they will no doubt appreciate a clean entrance way. Then grab their bags and usher them to their new rooms.

Pillows and Perfumes

Clean linens, plenty of pillows, bedding and fresh towels will be a welcome sight especially if your house guests have travelled quite a distance. Whether they’re lucky enough to have an en suite bathroom or there’s a communal one, cleanliness is of utmost importance. Nice smelling soaps and potpourri add so much value to the bathroom experience and if you want to go above and beyond the call of duty, provide new face wash, soap, shampoo and conditioner and tell your guests they’re welcome to use them.

Products and Pets

Buy aromatic cleaning products and give the house a thorough once over. Light candles or incense to get rid of any unwanted smells. While you’re being so thorough why not give your pets a nice clean as well. Your house guests will no doubt be interacting with them at some point and there’s nothing worse than dealing with a dirty, flee-ridden pet. This extends to litter boxes, cages and fish bowls.

The great thing about meticulously preparing yourself for house guests is that once they’ve gone you’re left with a fresh, spotless abode as well as plenty of delicious leftovers, hopefully making all that effort worthwhile.

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Dave Peterson really is big on family, most likely because has a pretty big one. Him and his wife often host guests over holiday periods and has become quite the expert on welcoming them into his home. You may even catch him with a steam mop in hand while his wife touches up the glazed ham. It’s a real family affair and he’s always ready to offer tips on what really makes the guests experience exta special.

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