Hot Rumors About Galaxy Note 6 Specs, Features and Price

It seems like that it was only yesterday when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5. Now, we’re already hearing talks and speculations concerning the next big thing, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The new method is rumored being stronger than any other time.

Hot Rumors About Galaxy Note 6 Specs, Features and Price

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date being reviewed and being purchased by Smartphone buyers worldwide, you will need to turn our concentrate on what’s next from Samsung — the Galaxy Note 6. At the time of writing, nothing remains announced, certainly nothing noteworthy has leaked out about the inevitable sixth-generation version of Samsung’s popular stylus-equipped handset. But in line when using the direction of current Samsung’s 2016 products — with the general trends inside industry — you are able to infer numerous things about what Samsung’s newest thing.

The rumor mill is claiming the Galaxy Note 6 might be packed with a more impressive 5.8-inch display that may carry support for 2K or 4K resolution. Speculations may also be rife that it might be sporting a pressure-sensitive display that can support a 3D Touch-like feature that’s present across the iPhone.

Speculations indicate the Galaxy Note 6 pricemight range from $700 to $899. It will probably be coming with the all new inbuilt storage of 256 GB UFS 2.0. It supports a reading and sequential writing transfer rate of 850 Mb/s and 260 Mb/s. It is also expected offered in storage choices 64 GB and 128 GB.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will likely embrace the digital camera that’s already present about the Galaxy S7. Hence, the phablet will probably feature a 12.3 MP camera with Super OIS support that will most likely be able to capture stunning photos and videos in low lighting conditions.

It may even revolutionize the way you utilize the stylus since also in line while using site, the business has filed a patent with all the US Patent & Trademark Office which may have proposed their idea of having the stylus modified in a fashion that it may also work as tablet’s stand.

Many high-end Android phones in 2016 will ship with new-style USB Type-C ports. If Samsung chooses the Note 6 considering that the product to produce the jump to USB-C, it must release a brand-new Gear VR simultaneously, and initiate transitioning its other accessories for that new standard.

As for your release date and Note 6 price, it absolutely was also mentioned while using the site it may be released first before iPhone 7; to steal lots of the buyers during that time. The phone was believed to have a price of $700 (or $699.99). It won’t include any accessories like gear box and watch. If you want such accessories then you need to buy higher version of phone. According to some social media sources, Samsung might come up with different price for different countries. In that case, change is higher that people buy from other country to save huge amount of money.

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