How An Effective Custom Logo Serves Your Company?

Any design works including advertisement, logo, website, banner or brochure which is creative, doesn’t means that it will be equally effective. However the other side of the picture is 100% sure i.e. an effective design work is always creative.

A brand is identified more by its logo than the company name. This is why, the people know D&G more than Dolce & Gabbana, and TDK more than Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo (Tokyo Electronics and Chemicals).

How An Effective Custom Logo Serves Your Company?

A strong custom logo design serves you more than your promotion managers and PR Officers. An effective custom logo serves the following functions to your enterprise.

1. Bridging Up The Gap

An organization and its audience are inter-related with its logo design. A logo communicates the features and essence of the company to the audience and bridges up the gap between audience and company. Once an individual becomes a permanent customer of a brand, he finds a sense of association with the brand every time he sees the brand logo.

2. Blesses You With Credibility

There have been several companies which produced low quality products at the times of depressions. However; their custom logos, which represented their successful and quality presence, saved them from audience criticism. Custom logo designs never let the audience lose the brand image which is created in the initial times.

3. Makes You Memorable

A custom logo design is at-a-glance representation of your brand name. Every time, people see your logo, they think of your company name, which cannot be remembered at finger tips like your logo. The logos are easily memorized. This is how they let people memorize your brand name (indirectly).

4. Steps to Pour Effectiveness in your Logo

  1. Take at least five minutes for brainstorming to get a list of symbols, words, color, and icons that exactly describe and define the brand of your business.
  2. Ask at least 3customers to allocate a rate or number (from 1 to 4) with 1 = “strongly disagree,” 2 = “disagree,” 3 = “agree,” and 4 = “strongly agree.”
  3. Sum up to get the totals of every word.
  4. The words that received the highest sum are those that can actually resonate most with your targeted audience. They can be used to represent best initial points for you to make a creative as well as effective logo concept.

So colors, icons, words, symbols, fonts, slogans or any other thing that your incorporate in your logo will be useless if it doesn’t pass the test of doing right things and doing things right. So being effective is rather more important than artistic.

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