How Big Is Your Caliber?

For many of us gun owners out there we are trying to compete about who has fired the biggest caliber weapon.  Many of us have fired a .50 caliber weapon and that is usually where things end because we cannot find anything bigger than that.

If you have ever searched for the largest caliber weapon then you have probably come across the .70 caliber gun that lies out there in the mythical world.  Would you believe that there is actually a .95 caliber rifle out there now?

It is true. SSK Industries decided they had a little extra time on their hands and wanted to put it to good use.  What else would a gun company do in their free time?  They would build the biggest rifle known to man of course.

Just the thought of firing a .95 caliber rifle should put a nice bruise into your shoulder.  The caliber is almost twice the .50 caliber that many of us have fired and we thought that was packed a nice punch of recoil.  The bullets the rifle fires are custom made.  They measure one inch in diameter and four inches long.

Seeing the .95 caliber beast made us think what other guns could possibly have been built before?  There had to be other people before SSK Industries that thought to build the biggest gun they possibly could make.

We Found a Little Something

We went searching the internet and found some pretty nasty weapons.

1)      The ego trip that was Adolph Hitler took everything to the next level.  With as much power as he had he knew no boundaries.  Of course he built the largest gun ever made.  And apparently for no reason because he never took over the world with it.  But a 31 caliber monster was real.  Actually two of them were real.  A gun manufacturer told Hitler he could build a cannon that size and he said he wanted two of them.  Such an ego trip.  It fired concrete piercing rounds up to 25 miles.  You would have to run a marathon pretty fast to out run that one.

2)      The Japanese managed to build the largest guns to ever be set afloat on battleships.  The ships housed 18.1 inch silos that could reach a distance of up to 26 miles.  Sadly, the battleships could not find the submarines and these babies were sunk in a shorter amount of time than it took to build them.  Wouldn’t you like to fire a battleship cannon at least once in your life though?

3)      A punt gun is exactly what it sounds like.  It is as if you are shooting a football into an open field.  In the 17th and 18th centuries guns were less accurate than they were now.  And many people just threw away the idea of taking aim all together.  The punt gun fired 2-gauge shotgun shells which essentially was like a small bomb going off.  Duck hunting turned into duck annihilating.  States just outlawed them by 1860 because it was getting too ridiculous.

4)      So as smart as we humans are we sometimes do some dumb things.  The .60 Nitro Express ammunition was created and someone thought, why not have a handgun that can fire that?  That is usually my first thought too when I hear .60 caliber.  But someone made it because they wanted to blow away elephants.  It weighs thirteen pounds too.

5)      Following the largest handgun ever made we have a seemingly second place runner up for the largest gun ever attached to a Jeep.   The Davy Crockett recoilless spigot gun had a miniature nuclear war head shoved down its throat and was ready to be fired.  No one ever fired it though since the Cold War ended.  Such a waste.

It’s All a Game

When you are sitting around with all of your shooting buddies trying to one up each other about the biggest gun and the longest range take these babies into account.  You can get your hands on some of these but others are sitting at the bottom of oceans.

Just think of the lucky people who got to see these monsters fired for everyone’s enjoyment.   When you are dealing with weapons this big, the engineers are usually no different than you and your buddies having a round table discussion about how the .50 cal is nothing but he found something bigger.

By Brian Connor

Brian Connor has written for many gun enthusiast blogs.  He wants to make people aware of all the possibilities out there in the gun world including all of the gun vaults.

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