How Digital Imaging Systems Can Improve Medical Practice


Systems offer a powerhouse combination of technology and software that allows for easy access to crystal clear medical imagery. With powerful tools that meld fluidly with intelligently designed utilities, medical practices can get access to the entirety of their patients’ digital radiography easily, rapidly, and without losing any clarity from the original. In addition, these link up perfectly archives to ensure that all of a patient’s vital records can be accessed as swiftly as medical emergencies necessitate while retaining high quality imaging in their stored digital xrays. These systems are also cost saving, reducing the need for printed copies of images created.

Acquiring the Best Imagery

Radiography is not a new technology; we have been utilizing it since the early 1900s. However, advancements in medical technology have gone through an astoundingly rapid shift in the last decade. Digital radiography is the product of this shift. These machines are able to seamlessly integrate with a number of technologies designed to get information disseminated more efficiently and more quickly, with all the clarity and detail required to ensure accurate interpretation. Further, mobile x-ray has become a simpler process, with machines small enough to be transportable outside of a hospital complex to allow in the field digital xray.

Digitally Manage All the Imagery

Conversion is a streamlined solution to the frustrating challenge of dealing with an assortment of medical imagery across a multitude of incompatible platforms. With a few simple utilities, these files can be converted and sent electronically to a manageable database which can be accessed at terminals across the hospital’s network. This ensures the life-saving high quality imagery so vital to a working hospital can be accessed quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the traditional costs while also offering an environmentally friendly alternative to running printed copies.

Quickly Gain Access to Archived Patient Records

Archival systems are incredibly helpful to any medical practice. The ability to swiftly access a patient’s records or prior medical images can save valuable time and potentially save a patient’s life. You can get a high end storage and server solution that can host terabytes of data, configurable to match the needs of your practice. If you are a larger medical complex, consider acquiring a system designed to act as a central distribution center for all your archived records throughout the networked facility.


The value of using of dicom systems is obvious, but also less expensive than similar services have been previously, all while reducing the impact on the environment. Not only does the use of digital radiography cut costs relating to the printing of imagery and distributing them to the necessary professionals, the initial start-up to provide high quality archiving is reduced. The flexibility of mobile x-ray and dicom conversion allowing digital radiography to occur where it is needed and sending the images back to those who need to see them in an instant is a powerful testament to how far medical technology has traveled.

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