How Do I Know If I Have A Good Voice Or A Great Voice?

The title of this article is a question that many people who can sing ask themselves. How good is my voice?  Do I have a great voice? You might sound great in the shower and on a karaoke machine but what is your voice really capable of?

Your friends and family may well be your biggest fans and will encourage you to perform on every occasion. Work colleagues may be pushing you forward at the annual Christmas party karaoke. Your school mates will be suggesting you sing in the school talent show. But honestly, how good is your voice?  Are you kidding yourself or do you really have ‘Talent’?

Do I need to read music to be a singer?
There are many singers who become successful vocalists and reach the highest levels of stardom without being able to read music. These include Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson and Pavarotti.  They all have/had a wealth of natural talent, a great work ethic and of course that ‘X factor’ which helped them to reach superstar status.

Of course many singers are able to read music and therefore able to understand the difference between D flat and C sharp. They often get this knowledge from private musical lessons, being members of a choir or at school from their music teacher. It is a good foundation for any singer and would certainly make singing professionally much more of a possibility.

What else do I need?
The major requirement to become a top singer is the determination to work extremely hard developing your voice. This will improve your confidence, which is a big factor in becoming a successful singer.

The next step
If you are serious about becoming a singer and are prepared to put in some serious commitment then taking lessons is essential. You only have to see what happens each week on the X Factor to understand the work and preparation that is required for each show. Having your own singing coach to develop your voice is critical in your development as a singer. Making the right choice of vocal teacher can also make or break your career.

The sky is the limit
If you have got talent you really have got a chance to become whatever you want to be. Just don’t forget that magic ingredient – hard work! Whatever your preference, whether it be opera, musicals or maybe pop music, having the right support and guidance throughout your development as a vocalist is critical to your success.

The article was written by Harry Jones, a singing coach who writes on behalf of Vocal Tutor.

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