How Do I Know Which Ecommerce Site Is Best For Me?

There are so many ecommerce options out there now that it can be difficult to know exactly which option is the best for your ecommerce project. This guide will take you through some of those options just so you understand what to expect and how to form a budget that will suit your project.

Firstly, you will need to think about your budget versus the platform you want to use. There are several platforms that you can choose from, but some will cost you more than others. The best way to investigate prices is by knowing which systems are capable of helping your ecommerce thrive.

Sites such as nopCommerce and Magento are very difficult to use. You will almost certainly need a web developer to operate the website for you and insert code. This means that if you choose to use one of these sites, you should expect to pay top dollar for a developer or commit top dollar to hire a web developer. Most of the time the price to code these sites is down to how you want your home page to look and how many items you want to list.

Another major cost that comes with the coding with these two options is getting the sites configured for mobile/responsive shoppers. This has proven to be doable on both these tools, but they do not come without their own bugs. We would only suggest using either of options after you have an established ecommerce business set up that brings in large amounts of cash in order to justify payments to web developers.

On the other hand, there are websites such as Weebly ecommerce and Shopify that are a lot more simple to use and allow you to list an unlimited number of items. If you do not have the budget to hire a web developer, then either of these ecommerce sites is ideal.

Shopify Versus Weebly Ecommerce

This is probably the number one matchup when it comes to comparing budget, but also very powerful, ecommerce website options.

Weebly lets you make transactions with customers for free, but Shopify will charge a fee. This is the first thing you will need to consider. You can use Shopify payment to stop the fees, which then brings these sites back to a neck-a-neck tie.

Both sites have nice themes that are also mobile responsive plus come with 24/7 support. Arguably Shopify is the more flexible when it comes to building features into your ecommerce site because it comes with far more software add-on options. However, not all the software is free whereas Weebly tends not to charge for any of its add-ons. The costs of Shopify can start to increase as your store requires more features.

This means that Weebly ecommerce in terms of affordability comes above Shopify. That being said, Weebly ‘s ecommerce site is somewhat of a newcomer to the scene, so you will need to wait for added functionalities to come out if you are looking to build a feature rich ecommerce site.

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