How Do Muscles Grow? The Science Of Muscle Growth

For guys working in the gym with weights, probably you are trying to lose some fat gain some muscles as well. In this write up you will learn about the science of how muscles grow.

How Do Muscles Grow? The Science Of Muscle Growth
While there are the different types of muscles, like cardiac muscle in the heart, we will focus exclusively on the skeletal muscles that are composed of thread-like  sarcomeres and myofibrils forming a muscular fiber which is the basic unit of the muscular contraction.

Six hundred and fifty muscles inside our body contract as they get signals from the motor neurons that are triggered from section in our cell known as sarcoplasmic reticulum. The motor neurons give message to our muscles to contract. The more or better we send these signals to our muscles the stronger we will get.

Whenever a weightlifter lift extremely heavy load despite of not appearing very muscular, it is due to the ability of our body to activate the motor neurons and they contract these muscles in a better way. Because of this reason weightlifters are comparatively smaller then bodybuilders, but they can noticeably lift more loads. Recruiting motor unit is another factor that helps you to understand why actually after practice some motions become easier and most if not all of the initial strength gains will be at the time when you first start to lift these weights. Therefore the muscle growth tends to occur more steadily at this initial period of the strength gain as you are more easily capable to activate your muscles.

Physiology Discussed for Muscle Growth

As soon as you finish with your workout, the body replaces and repairs the damaged muscle fibers by a cellular process by fusing muscle fiber collectively and form new muscle myofibrils or proteins. These repaired myofibrils grow in number and thickness to develop muscular hypertrophy or increase in size. This growth happens when the rate of muscular protein synthesis gets greater than the rate of breakdown in muscle protein. This adaption does not happen as you actually lift weights during Turbulence Training but it occurs while you rest.

Do we Actually Add Muscles to Muscle Cells?

This is the time where Satellite cells play a role and act as stem cells for our muscles. When these are activated they assist to add more nucleus to our muscular cells and thus play a direct role in the growth of muscle cells. The activation of these satellite cells is perhaps the difference that allows some genetic freaks to grow mammoth muscles and this makes other trainers a hard gainers.

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