How Do You Currently Manage Your Membership Database or Mailing List?

Is it a manual process of paper lists and Excel spreadsheets or a hotchpotch of legacy systems that hang together with string and a prayer? With more and more individuals or even precious volunteer resources looking after the memberships services and lists for various associations and societies, its easy for them to get bogged down with the admin. This gives them less time for productive work such as fundraising, sales or even the personal aspect of membership clientele support. With this challenge facing many associations, the use of membership management systems is something that should be considered.

How Do You Currently Manage Your Membership Database or Mailing List?

Save Time and Money

Time is everyone’s most valuable asset; it was Benjamin Franklin that said ‘time is money’. Therefore utilising a system that provides time-saving benefits is realistically a cost-saving solution. It has the benefit of automating the routine tasks that sap time and resources.

As detailed is this article, you don’t have to be a big business to benefit from administrative automation. The advantage of freeing up resources, eliminating errors and saving time is all about working smarter not harder, and this allows your organisation to both become more cost-effective and stay competitive.

Membership Management Systems can be used by any organisation that has a list of members they interact with, whether that is a society with newsletter, an association with membership fees and renewals or a fan club with a members’ shop.

How Do You Currently Manage Your Membership Database or Mailing List?

In order to obtain the best from a membership system solution, you should be aware of what services you offer your members, such as:

•       What your members have access to
•       Members’ events and ticketing
•       Merchandise sales
•       How you currently maintain your mailing lists

It’s important to define this information (consider it your “membership process definition”) before choosing a solution to ensure that your get the most from the system. If you are interested in Membership Management Solution, it would be worthwhile having a chat with a solution provider such as Oxford-based OFEC. The best way to understand how they can help is to ask, so why not visit OFEC for a membership management system enquiry?

Once you have your membership services managed by a system, you’ll wonder how you ever coped before. You will really appreciate the cost savings and increased efficiency.

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