How Does Interval Training Improve Your Fitness

Interval training is a very effective form of training that works the body to a high level which helps improves cardio fitness immensely. It is very intense and enjoyable at the same time. It consists of periods of continuous hard work, which increases heart rate and then it consists of recovery periods. This could be sprinting for one minute and then walking for one minute and alternating the hard periods and recovery periods.

Interval training works by causing the body to work extremely hard. It mixes the training up so that the body cannot adapt and get used to one form of training. Once the training becomes relatively easy, the periods of hard work can be increased. For example the training may have consisted of one minute of sprinting and one minute of recovery, this could then be changed to one and a half minutes of sprinting and forty five seconds of recovery. The training is very adaptable and can be changed to suit the needs of the trainer.

Interval training involves anaerobic and aerobic work which causes the body, particularly the heart and lungs to work to the maximum. The anaerobic side of interval training is the hard part of the training.

Whilst sprinting for one minute there is less oxygen, which is precisely why the training is hard. Once the body reaches 85 percent peak capacity it begins to use stored glucose and fat for energy. This is due to the lack of oxygen, with out oxygen the body has to find energy from else where. This is why interval training is great for fat loss as well as improving cardio fitness. During this strenuous part of the training lactic acid is produced, this is what causes the exercise to eventually become difficult and what makes the muscles burn.

The aerobic part of the training is the recovery period. The body is given a chance to recover which means taking in oxygen to allow the muscles to recover in order to be ready to train at an intense level again. The heart and lungs work hard to deliver the oxygen to the muscles that have been used. This oxygen then helps to break down the lactic acid which enables the muscles to get back to their normal state. The recovery period allows you to build up stamina, this means that the body can then exercise for a more sustained period.

The great thing about interval training is that the basics can be picked up from a fitness blogs like Fitness Fan. It is extremely adaptable to many forms of exercise – running, cycling, rowing, cross training or walking. The key is progression and over time cardio fitness will improves as well as general health. That’s why interval training is so popular.

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