How Dogs Detect Bedbug Infestation

Bloodthirsty bedbugs are back with a vengeance. After these bugs were virtually eradicated in the U.S back in the 1950’s, they are now back, causing more trouble than before. There are various reasons why bedbug infestation is increasing at an alarming rate. For one, the increased international travel had allowed these bugs to enter the country.

These creepy critters usually infest homes, hostels, inns, and other public places, but in recent years, they have also been found in shopping malls. This had caught the attention of many shoppers and caused the temporary closure of many retail malls. If you love to shop, you have to realize that every time you go shopping, you risk bringing home these nasty bloodsuckers with your new clothes and items. Thankfully, there are new bedbug control methods that shopping mall management can undertake.

How Bedbug Dogs Can Identify Infestation

Bedbug dogs are one of the most non-conventional resources in the fight against these creepy crawlies. These dogs are excellent in detecting bedbug infestation. Their ability to detect bugs is very useful in retail and furniture stores. These dogs can smell a single bug, no matter how well it is hidden; however, they are only trained to detect living bedbugs. This training ensures that once treatment methods are applied, there aren’t any living bloodsuckers present in the treated space.

The management team of shopping malls, no matter how big or small the business is, must consider this method of bedbug identification for the following reasons:

  • Bedbug dogs are able to detect infestation with up to 95% accuracy. This is according to the research done by the University of Florida.
  • A dog that has been thoroughly trained can cover a huge space in a single day.
  • These dogs are also trained to detect infestation in shopping malls, threaters, cars, residential homes, and hotels.
  • Their sense of smell is very sensitive; thus, they can smell the odor of a single bedbug in a single room.

In addition to all these benefits, using bedbug dogs as a way to identify bedbug infestation means being eco-friendly. The management in shopping malls doesn’t have to use energy that requires electricity to power their lights. These dogs only use their sense of smell, and they can cover large areas than any human being in the same period of time. Additionally, because they are very good in what they do, the management team doesn’t have to consider the use of chemical pesticides.

Bedbug Prevention Tips For Shoppers

As the management teams of shopping malls do their best in identifying and eradicating bedbugs, consumers must also do their part by preventing the spread of these bugs. As a shopper, there are precautionary measures you can follow to avoid bed bugs in retail stores, and minimize your chance of bringing these creepy crawlies home with you.

  1. Before you try on any clothing, look for any reddish-brown or dark stains that seem very unusual. These could be a sign of dried blood left by feeding bugs.
  2. Inspect the clothing for any bedbugs. You can check the cuffs, pockets, and other places where these bugs can hide. Other items that must be carefully inspected are purses, wallets, and bags. Look for any signs of white eggs, shed skin, and live bugs. If you find any of these critters, immediately notify the store manager.
  3. When inside the dressing room, you must check the mirrors as well as the crevices. These are the most likely areas where these bloodsuckers can hide.
  4. As an additional tip, when trying on clothes, you must avoid putting your purse or bag on the floor. In doing so, you can prevent these bugs from hitchhiking on it from the store carpet. You can hang your bag or purse on the hook. You must also do this for the clothes you’re trying on.
  5. After your purchase, make sure that the store bag is tightly sealed and tied. You must also shake the clothes or other items outside your home before bringing them inside.
  6. If you bought new clothes, you have to immediately hot wash it or steam.dry flimsy items.
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Kris Lim loves to shop and the news about bedbug infestation in retail stores has been very alarming for her. For this reason, she shares her tips and advice on how to identify and avoid these bugs. She also contributes her thoughts and opinions to providers of bedbug dog services, such as Capital K9.

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