How Educational Issues Emphasizes Election Stakes

In this presidential campaign, education funding and policy have been a stable theme since K-12 debates particularly lighted up the political aspect in many states. Upcoming election on November 6 can leave long-lasting impacts as per direction relating to precollegiate policy. This is because of strategic balance with Congress into the picture with forty-four state legislatures and many ballot measures relating to education.

Both Mitt Romney (GOP presidential nominee) and Barack Obama (US President) focused their records and certificates on education despite the country instructed on their direct confrontation. The on-going debates and speeches between both the candidates have thrown limelight into big differences about federal role in educational field.

Another issue of education spending specifically emerged in the presidential campaign. Barack Obama argued that his enemy supports big reduction to early learning, higher education and K- 12 programs respectively. In the debate held on October 22nd, at Boca Raton, Fl., Obama reflected against a point of his rival saying that cutting on educational budget can never be smart idea. He added that such a step would never help them in competing with China. The debate was based on the concepts of foreign policy.

On the debate held on October 3rd at Denver, Mitt Romney kept his viewpoint that he won’t cut on education spending, but he is not going to offer specifics.
Another theme relating to Congressional races is fiscal issues. Many political forecasters are of the opinion that House of Representatives in US would be out of control from GOP irrespective of the battle is tight and Democrats holding 51 seats only.

Other things apart, policy issues relating to education seem to have lesser part to play in the campaign. Mr. Barack Obama has announced K-12 accomplishments that can encourage states in order to increase their educational standards along with good efforts to transform the low performing schools. On the other hand, Mr. Romney has announced funding of $ 25 billion in federal schools so that guardians can opt for any school including private schools as per their choices.

Election is being conducted this year in 44 states for their respective legislatures. Republicans now are controlling 26, democrats controlling 15, 8 split between the two parties with 1 neutral legislature. In the individual states, attention is being grabbed by measuring the ballots.

It seems that California can rise on their state revenue via increased income tax for the public schools. And a different initiative being taken to resist unions to use payroll deductions owing to several political purposes. On the contrary, residents from Idaho would decide on upholding or repelling 3 laws passed in the year 2011. The law included limited collective bargain, merit pay for the institutional teachers and advanced technical knowledge in schools.

Voters from Washington would decide if they want to open door for charter schools in the state, specifically as is not being allowed by all presently.
Even ballot for this year, 4 elections relating to state school chiefs, 10 school boards in State, gubernatorial contests 11 with assistance from “Advisory Public Education Commission” situated in New Mexico.

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