How Gene Therapy Fights Men’s Performance Anxiety

It is known to all that Erectile Dysfunction or ED is harmful to men in both physical and mental terms. It is estimated that more than 160 million men suffered from impotence all over the world and the rate will increase to about 300-400 million in 2025. Though the PDE5 or Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors are useful for many patients, they are not too effective for serious cases like vasogenic and neurogenic Erectile Dysfunction that are caused by diabetes mellitus, aging and radical prostatectomy. Thus, due to the advancement of various technologies and development, the gene therapy is considered to be one of the best solutions to treat ED, and it will help many in the upcoming days.

How Can Gene Therapy Help?

The gene therapy is a process to deliver nucleic acid polymers, maybe through the proteins or interfered with protein expression for correcting the genetic defects and treats this disease. Men genital organ is the best organ to conduct the gene therapy as it has several benefits. It is easily accessed organ as compared to other organs in the body, and slow penile blood circulation makes the targeted genes to inject directly, locating and expressing in the right manner.

Use of the Naked Genes

The delivery and injection of the naked genes have several benefits as it a safe procedure as its lack in the chromosomal integration. Several studies have been made in this field to treat ED with the help of the naked genes; however, the effectiveness of naked genes is not much longer than other treatments.

Use of Viral Vectors

 Several viral vectors like that of the adenovirus, Adeno-associated virus, Herpes Simplex virus, etc. are widely used in gene therapy to treat ED as they are highly effective in transfection. Several scientific studies have shown that the viral vectors help to target the genes to the men genital organ. However, all these procedures have chances of mutagenesis, cancer, etc.

Use of GM Stem Cells

Genetically modified stem cells like embryonic stem cells and the adult stem cells can differentiate and have a capacity of self-renewal. Some of the modified stem cells like the Adipose-derived stem cells, urine-derived stem cells, and the muscle-derived stem cells are best for transferring target genes in the gene therapy to treat impotence. These stem cells are the best choice to be used at the gene vectors as they improve the erection. However, before using the stem cells, it is very important to check their safety features.

Apart from these, the non-coding RNAs and genome change are also useful for treating men impotency. However, the gene therapy to treat ED is still in progress, and if in the upcoming days, the gene therapy becomes successful, it can be a huge development in the field of medical science.  However, if you are one of them who are suffering from performance anxiety that is creating lots of problems in your conjugal life, you can buy generic medicines from pharmacie en ligne where you can get your desired medicines at reasonable rates.

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