How Home Improvements Can Improve Quality Of Life

When thinking of home improvements, it is usually aesthetic changes which come to mind. Redecorating our homes or building an extension to add extra space are all improvements which can make us feel more comfortable in our homes but when can changes to our property affect our quality of life?

While the alterations mentioned above may be what we most commonly associate with the act of
home improvements, they are not the only options. Fitting new bathrooms or improving existing
facilities to enhance the practicality and comfort of homes is a great way for elderly or disabled
individuals to retain their independence without having to move home.

There are plenty of options available; from premier care wet rooms to simple grab rails which
provide additional support where needed. These changes can be affordably integrated into your
home but how can they improve your life?

Improved accessibility

One of the main benefits of these home improvements is increased accessibility. Fitting units such
as stairlifts into your home can make the process of getting upstairs far easier while improving the
facilities in your bathroom with a wet room can make the act of bathing more practical.

Wet rooms are integrated seamlessly into your bathroom and mean that you no longer have to
worry about stepping into baths or shower units, offering a more comfortable experience.

Reduced strain

Alongside improved accessibility, another benefit of home improvements is reduced strain on your
body. With everything within easy reach you will not longer be stretching or putting your body under
unnecessary strain to complete simple tasks and that means a more comfortable home.

Success stories

For those who want physical evidence of how home improvements can improve the quality of your
life there are plenty of success stories in circulation. One recent example concerns a gentleman
from Cyprus who was finally able to enjoy his home after improvements were made to make it

Commenting that the changes had been “life changing”, the home offers everything from a spacious wet room to a numerous ramps available at every entry point. Door frames and doors have also been widened to accommodate a wheelchair, ensuring that no area is out of bounds.

Unfortunately, whilst these home improvements can be hugely beneficial there are still problems
faced by those who need mobility aids. The gentleman in question commented on how local
facilities need more access ramps outside public buildings which are not always geared up to receive
those who may have difficulties ascending stairs.

This article has been written by Rick, a Scots builder with more than 10 years of experience in home refurbishment.

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