How Is Laminate Flooring Made?

Laminate floor planks are available in a huge array of textures, patterns and designs but they are always made up of four components which are then bonded together. This quartet of elements includes the backing, the core board, the decorative layer and the durable layer.

How Is Laminate Flooring Made?

The backing is the bottom layer which is made from melamine plastic to add stability and guard against potentially damaging moisture. Next, comes the core board which may include melamine plastic resins to boost moisture resistance.

Decoration and Protection

The decorative layer is adhered to the core board to give the laminate the desired appearance. This layer is a high-resolution reproduction of a range of materials and patterns, such as natural stone, ceramic tiles or wood grain.

On top of the decoration is a protective layer offering stain resistance and durability. Many of these wear layers contain melamine resin and aluminium oxide to create a super hard-wearing protective shell.

The four layers are then stacked precisely using a range of sophisticated equipment to ensure perfect alignment. Once stacked, the layers are prepared for pressing using hydraulic rams to apply pressure.

This pressing takes place at temperatures that can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The sheets are then left to cool before they are stacked and stored to allow them to become acclimatised. This ensures the stability of the flooring.

After this has happened, the boards are cut into planks, which are then moved on to allow them to be profiled. This involves the use of multiple profiling saws. These form the tongue and groove edges at the sides of the laminate planks.

Easy to lay

Profiling is a vital part of laminate floor planks as it allows them to be fitted together and laid with ease, whether by a layperson or a professional fitter such as those found at Which? Trusted Traders at

The profiling saw blades use laser and electronic systems to ensure that the edges are cut with the ultimate precision necessary to ensure a perfect fit, whatever design or style is chosen from suppliers such as

Finally, the laminate planks undergo quality inspections to check everything from their interlocking capabilities, finish and size to their colour and texture. Once approved, they are packaged, distributed and, ultimately, laid in homes and businesses around the world.

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