How To Make Sure Your Garage Is Sustainable and Safe

Your garage may not be the first place you think of when you are considering making your home more safe and sustainable. In truth, garages are often neither of those things. They can be full of tools lying about the place, they are often be the place where you store flammable materials and dangerous chemicals, and they are rarely green. If you want to make sure your garage is a bit more eco-friendly, and ultimately much safer, here are some tips and tricks to ensure your it is top notch.

Start with the organization

The first thing you need to sort through are all the sharp and heavy object that can be a potential danger. You also need to sort through all the chemicals, and throw out anything and everything that is out of date, or that has not been stored properly. Make sure all your tools have a proper place, and that they are kept there.

Move on to the doors

If you have an older model of automatic door on your garage, the time might be to modernize a bit. Newer models are much safer, in both the sense that they will prevent unwanted intrusions, and that you will be certain no accidents will occur due to a malfunction. Make sure you keep the remote out of the reach of your children as well.

Prevent fire hazards

Garages are the second most common place where fires occur in households. With all the flammable chemicals you store there, this does not really come as a surprise, does it? They can cause a fire to spread more rapidly, and engulf your home faster, which is why it is essential to have a proper fire alarm in the garage, as well as the right fire extinguishers. You also need to have an escape plan in place, in case a fire does occur.

Invest in security

The garage is often more vulnerable to break-ins, which is why you need to invest in a proper monitoring system to deter burglars from ever attempting to breach your home. Check out RE:SURE CCTV remote monitoring, which will catch a burglar before they even enter your home. Also make sure that the door between the garage and the house is locked and bolted at all times.

Use sustainable materials

If you are aiming for eco-friendly as well as safe, make sure you go for green building materials if you are just building your garage. You can use materials like green concrete or reclaimed wood to make sure you are protecting the environment, and only use local materials, to avoid pollution caused by shipping long distances.

Insulate properly

In order to ensure energy efficiency, investing in insulation should be at the top of your list. If your garage is not insulated right, you will be losing energy, as well as money every day. Heat will escape during the winter, and will spill in during the summer, which means you will be cranking up the AC more than you need to. To avoid that, check out the best insulation options available in your area.

Invest in energy-efficient doors

Energy can also be wasted with the wrong type of doors. Like we’ve already said, if you own an older model, make sure to upgrade it into something that will not let heat escape, and which will come with built-in insulation.

Consider the lighting

Finally, once your garage is built and all set, you will need to consider how you will light it. Tube lighting is excellent for garages, as it is both a pleasant task and general light, and it also saves energy. Tube lights also have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs, which will once again reduce your costs. You can use natural lighting as much as possible too, and install windows or even a skylight. Work with the door open, especially if you are working with chemicals, and use the light to your advantage.

Don’t forget to include your garage in your home remodels this year, and keep all of them green, to ensure a better future for our planet. Keep your garage safe and sustainable, and you will be giving back to the planet, and saving valuable resources as well.