How Much Is My Car Worth?

If you have tried to sell your car via the ‘for sale’ ads you’ll know how difficult it can be. There’s the cost of placing the advert which is then compounded by the time lost spent waiting for people to turn up to view your vehicle. If you are a car buyer this can be put to your advantage, but if you are a seller it might be worth turning to other options to sell your car.

If you are trying to get the best price for your car some of the things worth considering include:
How old is your car?

The age of the car will play a huge part in determining how much the car is worth. For example similar models with similar mileages will vary in price if one was manufactured in 2008 and the other in 2009.

Car mileage
Another factor which will affect how much your car is worth will be the mileage it has covered. Average mileage figures are usually calculated on the basis that your car will travel around 10,000 miles per year, so if your car is three years old and has travelled less than 30,000 miles it will command a higher price than a car which is three years old and has travelled more than 30,000 miles.

The condition of the vehicle
Used car sellers can do wonders to a car by touching up paintwork and cleaning the car’s interior. However a car that’s been looked after will always command a higher premium than one which has bodywork defects or has a shabby interior.

It’s a simple fact that some cars are easier to sell than others. If your car is a special model or has certain features or even if there aren’t many of that particular model currently for sale you’ll be able to demand a higher premium. However if the market is flooded with your type of car and your model hasn’t got a particularly good specification you may find that you’ll need to sell it for less money than you would like.

All the above are considerations which must be taken into account when looking to value a car. It’s also worth noting that a car is only ever worth what someone is willing to pay for it. And if you have unrealistic expectations of what your vehicle is worth the vehicle may actually decrease in value further due to the time it takes you to sell your vehicle.

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