How Painting Your Home Can Increase The Value

Spring and summer are usually the seasons houses go on sale. People being transferred in the military or for business are coming into an area new to their eyes, so they are looking for homes having a fresh feel to them. A simple can of paint can give a house that new look. Some things to consider when painting a house include mood, neighborhood facades and personality. While it is true neutral colors sell quicker, sometimes it is the colors of the season that sells a house.

Choose Paint Based on Surroundings and Views

Most neighborhoods contain houses whose trim are painted in muted colors, due to homeowners association rules and regulations. What personality the house contains is to be found inside the house. Painting the inside becomes a matter of direction and personality. For instance, when a room – usually a bedroom – is facing north, a warm color will be needed to offset the dimness of the direction. Southern rooms get lots of light and can be painted cooler colors. If the house has water frontage, it is often to the east or west and the rooms can be painted complementary colors such as blues and soft grays without surrendering neutrality to retain its personality.

Think About Future Buyers

Colors speak to people in different ways. Commercials on TV show couples painting a living room red with white trim. It looks good on TV, but will a buyer like it? Their furnishings might clash with it. So it becomes a matter of mood. Cool colors are relaxing, while darker shades are invigorating and energetic. Painting in cool spring colors like pale pinks, yellows, blues and lilacs offer some personality while neutrality is not quite out of the question. Viewers will be pleased with soft colors that give the home a fresh feeling.

Use Paint to Make Rooms Feel More Spacious

People on the search for a new home look for two things in the actual structure; space and atmosphere. If the rooms are bright and spacious instead of dark and small, the viewer will be more inclined to linger. Make them come back for a second look by creating a pleasing effect. Painting kitchens and bathrooms lighter colors in a finish resistant to moisture is a huge plus. Finishes from which small hand prints can be removed is also a plus. The clincher is you’ve done the work the viewer doesn’t want to do when moving into a new home – repaint it in pretty colors.

Article provided by Tuppers Team, a real estate agency located in Evergreen, CO.

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