How POS Systems Positively Influence Customer Retention And Loyalty

Start gaining repeat customers and you could save thousands of dollars a year. But first, you need to learn more about your customers by finding out what their buying habits are. A point of sale system could give you the tools to achieve this.

Using POS System Tools to Understand Your Customers
Data is captured in a point of sale system at the time customers check-out. Additionally, Soft Intelligence POS system hardware and software can be built into traditional or mobile cash registers. Coding in the software creates a seamless check out, allowing you to track customer shopping habits without having to interrupt the customer’s shopping experience or requiring you to hire additional staff.

The range of customer data points you can capture using a POS system include:

  • Customer birthdays
  • Shoe, dress, hat or pant sizes of loyal customers
  • Products repeat customers purchase, including the quantity purchased
  • Email address, name, telephone numbers and up to two contact names for loyal customers
  • Name and contact information for mail order customers
  • Customer credit limits
  • Shipping information (could prove especially helpful should you have to ship customers products on short notice)

You could use this data to influence customer retention by setting up holiday and birthday alerts. Depending on the POS system you use, you could also include repeat customers in reward programs. For example, Counterpoint or Soft Intelligence systems can be used to develop and print shipping labels, so you can send loyal customers greeting cards on major holidays and on their birthday.

Building on POS System Customer Loyalty Programs
If you capture repeat customers’ email addresses, you could also design and send special newsletters to these loyal customers. Include steep discounts, coupons, giveaways and top-notch advice columns in your newsletters and you could influence customer loyalty in more rewarding ways. For instance, your newsletter subscribers could receive product savings one-time customers don’t.

It’s these types of rewards that not only save customers money, but that entice customers to continue doing business with you. This gives you the opportunity to stay connected to customers without appearing as if you’re always promoting your products and services, something that, over time, could start to turn customers off.

Furthermore, you could use customer profile templates built into Counterpoint software to track a customer’s buying history. To save time and money, consider using the templates to send customers and employees free gifts on their birthdays or after they have been supporting you for a certain number of years.

Don’t think it’s worth it? Imagine receiving a free pair of your favorite shoes from a retailer on your birthday? Imagine that the shoes are in your favorite color and the perfect size? You probably wouldn’t forget that retailer, as this isn’t a common practice in the retail business. Soft Intelligence and other point of sale system hardware and software could make it easy for you to do this, especially as you become familiar with the systems’ intuitive tracking applications.


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This article was written by Rhonda Campbell.

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