Pregnancy Stretch Marks – Are they Preventable?

A less enjoyable side of your pregnancy can be stretch marks on your belly. These are actually the linear scars in the skin. Not everyone suffers from it, but a large part of the pregnant women can not escape this annoying ailment. They come naturally when the skin is stretched by the stretching of the uterus and the increase of weight, they arise because the subcutaneous connective tissue is pulled apart.

During pregnancy, the stripes are red or pink in color but after delivery they change color and take on a bit more your skin color, which makes them less noticeable. Usually the stripes appear around your stomach, thighs and breasts. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy is the chance because your belly is at its largest. They can not harm you, but you will keep them with you for life.

Prevention of Stretch Marks?

Of course you can pay attention to the arrival as little as possible during pregnancy, so you can limit them. But keep one thing in mind that you can not prevent it altogether instantly. Still You can help buying some pregnancy stretch marks removal creams or ointments from PerfectBodyMate. For better and effective results, try to exercise regularly so that your muscles stay strong and watch your diet. The tip is also given to take changing showers (cold / warm) to make the subcutaneous connective tissue and the skin more supple and stretchable.

The tense skin of your breasts can be supported with a good strong bra, your legs with elastic tights or compression stockings and your stomach with a good belly band, so that some back pressure is given on the skin. You can not do more about it.

Treat Stretch Marks After Childbirth

After giving birth, try to lose your excess weight in a healthy way. You certainly do not have to make a match, just let it disappear with the gradual, there you have a lot more and is also much healthier.

Wonder diets never work in the long term and that is precisely the intention. Nobody has anything to do with a yo-yo effect.

Meanwhile, there are technological possibilities to tackle the welts with LEDs and lasers. However, the opinions of scientists are divided on this, so perhaps it is better to accept that they are lovingly. They will become less and less significant in the course of time.

How to Remove Naturally Tips

  1. Healthy eating. It can help keep your skin supple and try to avoid getting too much.
  2. Vitamin K has a positive effect on stretch marks.
  3. Massage tackles the subcutaneous connective tissue and tightens the skin so that the stretch marks become less noticeable.
  4. Take clearer showers (cold / warm).
  5. Use a good belly band.
  6. Laser beams can blur the stretch marks.
  7. A cream may not prevent the stretch marks, but keeps the skin supple.

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