How Roses can help you Keep Tea Time Posh and Healthy

If you have a young daughter, chances are she loves to watch her mom in the kitchen, and is fascinated with dinner parties. Little girls love tea time, and which mother/daughter duo wouldn’t want an arrangement of roses out in the garden to gaze at while sipping distinct floral tea served in 18th century Limoges cups? With the rich melodies of Vivaldi’s tribute to Spring gently serenading their feminine graces, mom and daughter can partake in healthy lady-like bites of upscale yum yums while embracing the virtues of being posh and healthy. Let roses bring your garden tea party together. GlobalRose red roses provide a perfect decorative flare and key ingredient to upscale garden parties. After all, do you want your daughter to grow up scarfing down chicken wings at Hooters, or delicately nibbling rose hip infused cakes under the shade of a majestic willow?

The Accoutrements of Tea Time

Having the teatime essentials will take your little garden party to the echelon of upper crust nuances. Be sure to have the following:
·      Roses in a vase
·      Fine china
·      Tea
·      Little sandwich wedges
·      Little cakes
·      Music from the Baroque era
·      White linen sun dresses
·      Fancy hats

Once you have these items, be sure you have enough roses on hand to incorporate the flower into not only the floral sights and smells, but also into the food you eat and the tea you drink.  Find an online florist that offers free shipping, and order an extra bundle of roses to ensure you don’t run out.

Eat Me, Drink Me

Making your own rose tea is easy, and an enjoyable activity moms and daughters can do together. One week prior to the tea party, order some roses and dry out their petals. This can take 4 to 7 days. The day of the tea party, add the dried rose petals to a cloth tea satchel along with an equal part of green tea powder. This is a very basic recipe that is recommended for children, as too many spices may be too bold for their developing taste buds.  Rose tea also is also known for having great medicinal properties. Livestrong, an advocate for healthy living, published an article in which they say that rose tea has numerous health benefits that include building a healthy immune system, strengthening the digestive system and detoxifying the urinary tract and kidneys.

Preparing a nice little side-salad with fresh rose petals will add sophistication to your soiree. There are many online recipes to choose from. A personal favorite of mine is a rose petal and artichoke salad that also contains shredded cauliflower, ginger, and roasted pumpkin seeds. These salads often called for fried artichoke, but you can offer a healthier preparation if you choose to do so.

As for the traditional cucumber sandwiches as enjoyed by Oscar Wilde, you can take them up a notch by gently coating the cucumbers in rose oil, and affixing pieces of the bright red petals to them. This will add a faint level of sweetness, and serve as a nice aromatic.

As for those tine little cakes or cookies, try candying a small rose bud. You will want to gently wash them the day before the party under dripping water, and set them out to dry on wax paper. When they have dried, make a mixture of beaten egg white with a few drops of water. Take a small brush and gently paint the flowers with the egg wash. Then set the buds in a bowl of sugar, and sprinkle sugar over the top, completely covering them. Be careful when you shake off the excess sugar, and set them out over night on wax paper. In the morning you will have beautiful candied roses ready to use for cake decorating, or to serve as an edible garnish with a tea cookie.

Have Fun

Enjoy helping your daughter improve her social graces, and savor every moment when you teach her healthy and posh living. Roses are a beautiful theme and subject to bring such an activity together. Enjoy these times together before she grows up.

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