How Software is Helping Vacation Rental Owners Succeed

When you think about vacation rental software, you are probably mulling over the payment system, how a calendar works in sync with bookings, and how the vacation rental owner manages guests. You would be absolutely right too.

As the overwhelming majority of accommodation bookings are made online these days, any website that offers vacation rental bookings needs to have multiple software functionalities available to the business owner as well as for guests.

Having these features coded to work smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices can be a costly investment not to mention the IT support needed to maintain the software as well as recode it when new technology is released.

You are probably already building a picture in your mind of just how difficult and expensive it is to own and manage a fully operated vacation rental online booking system.

Lodgify Fills in A Huge Gap in The Online Vacation Rental Space

With today’s competitive IT market constantly striving to look to solve problems in certain industries, there will nearly always be a company out there looking to bring out the latest and greatest software solution. That is exactly what a tech start-up in Barcelona Spain has achieved within the vacation rental industry.

One of the main issues most vacation rental owners experience is finding a WordPress theme or low-cost website software solution to offers its site visitors a smooth booking experience.

A fully functional vacation rental website requires:

  • A smooth booking system
  • Mobile functionality
  • Desktop functionality
  • Calendar management
  • Multiple property management
  • A fully operational booking system
  • Ability to brand the website

These are just a few of the features a potential guest expects. On top of this, the website will need to be branded, offer an excellent user experience, as well as have an attractive look and feel.

Lodgify managed to solve all these problems with its vacation rental management and website builder software.

What Does the Lodgify Vacation Rental Website Builder Do?

First of all, the website builder offers a series of vacation website design options to choose from. All the designs are fully responsive and therefore the websites from Lodgify’s collection look attractive on both desktop and mobile devices.

It is also extremely user-friendly. Quite a few YouTube videos are out there from independent third-party Lodgify website users singing the praises of just how easy it is to use the Lodgify website builder. This includes areas from setting up payment options, the listing website all the way to adding their own branding to the website.

Secondly, there is a 24/7 support team available to anyone that decides to use the Lodgify website builder. Behind the support team are the web development and IT teams. This gives subscribers the first point of contact, who would be responsible for managing any issues and escalating them to second- or third-line support teams should there be a software or website coding issue.

A huge advantage and cost saving factor to take into account here are that if you subscribe to a Lodgify website, you have access to entire web development and IT team. If there are any technical issues with the website, there are no additional costs on top of the monthly subscription fee to have them fixed.

Thirdly, the software behind the Lodgify websites is astounding. You get a fully functional listing section, calendar management system, online chat function to speak with guests in real time, channel manager, and the software also has an easy to set up payment system and gateway included.

For a monthly fee that is as low $35 per month, the Lodgify vacation rental software solution is nothing short of a miracle for many vacation rental owners. It was designed due to popular demand in the marketplace, and since its release, numerous vacation rental owners, bed and breakfast establishments, as well as hotels have taken to using the Lodgify vacation rental software solution.

Channel Manager Software Is One of The Most Impressive Time Hack Features

One of the most well thought out features included in the Lodgify vacation rental software package is a tool known as a channel manager. This was added because many vacation rental owners also list their properties on websites such as Airbnb and HomeAway.

By listing properties on multiple websites, this gives the owner increased visibility online. Although, having multiple listings causes a problem with calendar management. If a property is booked on one website obviously the calendar dates the guest booked will be blocked off, but what about the calendars on the other websites?

A time-consuming task for vacation rental owners is to log into every other website the booked property is booked on and manually block off the dates on those calendars. If the owner fails to do this, then he/she stands the risk of double bookings. This results in cancellation, which can negatively affect the listing’s Search Engine Optimization on the website it is listed on.

To solve this issue, Lodgify released a channel manager that is included in its website builder. The beauty of this channel manager is that it is also available as a plugin for WordPress or code snipper for sites such as Weebly, Wix, Joomla, and Squarespace. Therefore, it is available for even those that already have a vacation rental website designed.

Using the Lodgify channel manager, the website manager can configure it to automatically sync with calendars on other websites. That means when a booking comes in on Airbnb or HomeAway, or even on the main website, the calendars will send out a push and pull signals to sync with the Lodgify calendar.

This miracle tool helps vacation rental owners avoid double bookings and is a huge time hack because the property owner does not need to manually log on and block off calendars.

Final Verdict

It is clear Lodgify has put a lot of time and effort into its market research within the vacation rental industry. The company have seen a clear gap in the market in which it was able to introduce an affordable solution aimed at that those that need a branded website with all the whistles and bells a vacation rental website needs to function as a booking engine as well as a place for guests to search properties as well as property availability.

One of the nicest aspects to the Lodgify solution is that it is fully responsive, and the coding is managed by the Lodgify team itself. With a support team behind the solution, this means any vacation rental owner that wants their own branded website can save the time, efforts, and costs involved with hiring a web development team.

This means the time consuming and expensive tasks involved with having to constantly stay in touch with a web dev team to ensure maintenance tasks are performed are eliminated.

Furthermore, the channel manager adds on the icing to the cake giving property owners a tool that helps to avoid double bookings for those that have their properties listed on multiple websites. It also yet another time hack saving time on management tasks that would mean logging in and manually blocking calendars.

Check out the Lodgify vacation rental software solution here.

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