How Surveillance Could Change Your Career

What Does It Involve?
Any investigation begins with you and the information you can provide on the subject or individual you wish to find out more about. From the information you have, we have a variety of methods available to us to ensure that you always achieve a result. With methods of investigation ranging from surveillance to GPS tracking and background checks to polygraph testing, we have something for every case. It’s important that you feel in control of the case and will be consulted at every level to establish how far you want to go and that you understand what results have been found.

The Best Offence Is a Good Defence
One of the best ways to make sure that your company stays ahead of the game is to make sure that you know the game that’s being played. By ensuring that you know who your rivals are and what they are doing, you can keep your business on top. We can create profiles of high up employees and company details that can create a fuller portrait of the rival business and ways that you can improve your own. Knowing where your rivals are and what their plans for the future are puts you and your business in a better position for future action.

Prospective Employees
When introducing someone into your company you need to be sure that they are going to prove to be an asset to your team and fulfil the positive role you need them to. But how can you be sure that someone is he right person for this role? Whether it’s a new business partner you’re looking for, or a prospective employee it’s important that you’re making the right choice and we have the ability and resources that can help you make an informed decision. With the use of a combination of methods such as surveillance and background checks, we can create a full and more honest depiction of an individual.

Trust within a company or business is a key factor in a good working environment but sometimes the people we trust can let us down or lie to us. Employees do not always have the respect for company property or values that is expected of them and these attitudes can lead to inappropriate behaviour. Whether you suspect someone is falsely claiming long term sick leave or misusing company property we could help provide the confirmation you need. In times like these, cases can become very sensitive and for the good of your company and the individuals involved, it is essential that they are handled with the discreet service that we can provide.

How We Could Help You
Using as much information as you can provide on the individual you wish to investigate, our operatives shape the case around what you need to know and what happens is dictated by you. Throughout the investigation you will be consulted on what has been found and how far you wish the case to go. Not only can we help provide you with a true portrait of an individual but we can also provide you with the evidence you may need for a legal case if it should prove necessary. Whatever your problem, we can provide the solution you need.

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