How The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet Can Help A Child’s Education

Over the last couple of years a number of expensive learning tablets have hit the market with the express intention of helping children to learn and improving their educational progress.  Brands such as VTech and Vinci have led the way previously, but there’s now a new company who are offering a cost-effective kid’s learning system tablet at a fraction on the price.

Helps Children to Learn Interactively
The manufacturer is called LeapFrog and they have just released their all new LeapPad Explorer learning tablet for kids which is aimed at children aged four to eight – which is the time they are at their most receptive for formative learning.

There are some very comprehensive websites offering a full LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet review, so this article will purely outline some of the benefits for parents debating whether to purchase a learning tablet or not – as you will most be interested in how it can aid your child’s development.

Safe and Easy to Use
First things first, and the LeapFrog LeapPad is very safe to use.  It’s big and bright but comes with rubberized edges and tempered glass display so it should be able to withstand the type of treatment a child of that age could mete out.

What Educational Software is Included?
In terms of educational content it comes pre-installed with a number of intuitive programs designed with learning in mind.  These include the following aspects:

  • Interactive Story Books
  • Music Lessons and Interactive Tracks
  • An Interactive Pet
  • Mathematical Problem & Solution Tasks (In a fun environment)
  • Coloring-In plus Artwork Challenges

Track and Trace How Your Kids Are Developing
As a parent you can even track the progress of how your young son and daughter have been getting on with the LeapPad LeapFrog Explorer.  It’s easy to upload via USB all their data and then see time-based progress using graphs and scoring.  This means that you can identify weak spots and potentially offer assistance to the child or purchase additional content to fill any knowledge gaps.

Story Books Work Very Well With Reading Skills
The story books are one of the best aspects to the LeapPad.  The child can interact with the story as it goes along, clicking on words or characters for more information.  This then accesses the in-built dictionary and reference centre which explains the words in easy to understand spoken instructions.

Helps Kids With Grammar and Comprehension
It should not be too long before your kid’s learning comprehension, grammar, and spelling are seen to noticeably increase.  And the best thing is that this is almost covert learning because using the LeapPad tablet is so much fun for your child!

There Are Alternative Devices
There are other tablets available on the toy educational market, but the LeapFrog LeapPad certainly appears to be one of the better ones and also comes with a very acceptable price point of less than one hundred US dollars.  Colors available are green or pink, so you can ensure that your child gets the best color to suit them.  Alternative devices can be seen if you search for V-Tech – who have a wide range on offer.

The Hidden Cost of Additional Content
Additional content and games will cost extra, and can be downloaded direct from the Internet.  The prices are again very reasonable for new content, for example Disney and Dora the Explorer coming in at less than ten US dollars a download.  In fact, there are many different titles which feature the popular characters from kid’s TV and toys so it should not be too difficult to find one which your child will already be familiar with.

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