How To Be The First One Ready For Winter 2012

Preparation In Key

Like so many things in life, being ready for what is coming in the winter months will be the key to you being comfortable, and more importantly, warm, at all times as the freezing weather sets in. Accepting that the harsh weather is on the way is the easiest way to get ready. Keeping your t-shirts on for too long will end in disaster, embrace winter men’s fashion to their fullest extent at the earliest opportunity. Keeping yourself warm and looking amazing can be the same thing. Although clothes will need to be comfortable, your style sense does not need to get lost under snowfall.

Thick Layers

Extra layers to your style is always the most convenient and simplest way to keep yourself warm throughout the winter. This means you have the opportunity to spend more on men’s fashion! Thermal underwear can be a great way to keep the cold at bay, however what do you do if you get too hot? You can hardly take it off in the office or on the bus, can you?! Take full advantage of the men’s fashion on offer this year, and try a stylish jacket or a gilet as an alternative. Adding an outside layer will give your fashion an added dimension, as well as a great piece of functional outerwear which will definitely earn its money as the cold weather sets in for long periods. You can still invest in a jumper, or the thermal vest if you must, however the gilet can of course be worn in all circumstances, alongside a jumper and will give you a trendy and sophisticated look, putting you right at the top of men’s fashion throughout the winter.

Novelty jumpers tend not to hit the stores until nearer Christmas, but avoid them at all costs. The same goes for ties and fleece wear like you see down the market. Men’s fashion was not meant to be abused by those who think a knitted Rudolph is cool, so don’t give them any more encouragement.

Achieving Warm, Cosy Style

Really top off your look well and bring your entire outfit to life with a well matched hat and scarf combination. Look at plain, heavily knitted hats and avoid things like patterns and bobbles which are more suited to the ski slope. Simple hats, which does not mean a generic fedora, will keep your head warm while you look smart. A bowler hat or light knit beanie are perfect for this purpose.

Make sure your scarf complements the rest of your look, as this one accessory could let you down massively. Avoid other novelties such as ear muffs, sober men’s fashion is definitely the way to go and will see you looking great all winter.

Although not yet summer, winter fashions will soon be with us, keep our tips in mind to make the most of this year’s styles.

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