How To Beat The Five Hardest Cigarettes To Quit

Giving up smoking is hard, but even if you’re getting through twenty a day, it isn’t going to be every single one of those that you struggle to beat. For most smokers, regardless of how much they actually get through, the real difficulty comes from the same four or five smokes every day. This is when the cravings will be at their absolute worst. Fortunately, if you can conquer them, you can conquer your addiction.

After A Meal
There’s nothing like finishing a meal and then lighting up. Without that cigarette it just doesn’t feel like a proper meal does it?

There are two ways around this. This first is actually enjoying the taste of your food, rather than immediately smothering it in cigarette smoke. However this is one of those cravings that might be best met with alternative nicotine release systems, such as gum or E-cigarettes.

At Work
For non-smokers in the workplace one of the most irritating things about smokers is the phenomenon of the “fag break”. When you’re chained to your desk, it can be frustrating watching everybody else get to wander off every couple of hours just because they have a debilitating addiction.

The thing is, you don’t need a cigarette to give yourself the occasional break from work. Instead of standing outside the backdoor of the building, why not take a short stroll around the block? Or make yourself a cup of coffee, taking your time and chatting with anyone else who happens to be in the kitchenette? Remind yourself that it’s the break that’s good, not the smoking.

The Morning Cigarette
This scientific study has shown that the earlier your first cigarette of the day is, the more dependent you are likely to be on cigarettes. The first cigarette of the day is a lot of people’s favourite, claiming that it helps wake them up and get them in the mood to face everything else the day is going to throw at them.

This might be the very toughest cigarette to quit in terms of willpower, but there are ways around it. Make sure you have a proper, filling breakfast and a cup of tea or coffee before you head out the door in the morning. Making sure you’re well fuelled will go a long way to quelling the initial nicotine pangs.

At the Pub
For many people alcohol and tobacco go hand in hand. This is particularly hard when “many people” includes a large number of your mates. Sometimes the weather will help you with this one. Nothing makes you feel better about quitting smoking than watching your friends tramp out into the freezing cold and rain to spark up.

If you absolute must go outside, again, an e-cigarette is a great alternative here, as it allows you to enjoy most of the best parts of smoking, with only a fraction of the ill health effects.

After Sex
If the movies have taught us one thing, it’s that after having mad passionate sex the first thing you do after you roll back to your side of the bed is light up a cigarette.

If after having sex you find yourself craving nicotine, why not have more sex instead? It’ll be tough, but you’re doing it for your health.

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