How To Build A Porch Roof

Do you have a beautiful open porch at your home? If yes then here is an amazing opportunity to make it more useful by installing a roof over it. Generally it becomes difficult to utilize space of outside porch perfectly because it is more affected by rain, dust and direct sun light etc. but in case if you make few efforts to cover this portion with roof then it could become most usable part of your house with attractive appearance. There is nothing much complicated about building a porch roof; if you follow right procedure then it will be much easier to achieve better results. If you are searching for how to build a porch roof then following step by step procedure can be highly beneficial for you:

How To Build A Porch Roof

  1. Support Posts for Roof:

Measure dimensions of your roof as per your design requirement and then cut posts for your roof. Generally 4 by 4 posts are preferred with holes of about 45.7 centimeters dimension that are constructed deep inside the porch. Now you have to make one hole at every corner of porch, adjust porch with the help of these holes and make sure that all posts are fixed by using stones so that they always stay aligned in vertical direction. Once you complete this fixing, add concrete inside these holes and let it set perfectly.

  1. Frame construction:

Now you have to construct frame, start by cutting two pieces of wood with 2 by 8 dimensions towards length of porch and other pair of 2 by 8 as per width of the porch. Never forget to attach 20.3 centimeters with each measurement for overhang; fix all these wooden pieces for creation of rectangular frame.

  1. Cut cross pieces of frame:

In order to make cross bars for the frame, you have to cut wooden pieces with dimension 2 by 4 and then attach them along the depth of frame at a distance of 45.7 centimeters apart.

  1. Frame fixing:

It is time to attach your frames to the top portion of support posts; it is suggested to make use of heavy duty bolts for strengthful construction.

  1. Lay roof on installed Frame:

Now you have to screw right size of 5/8 plywood with top of the frame but this time make sure that they are cut with 2 inches additional space on each side for overhang requirement.

  1. Cover the plywood:

Once this roof is fixed above the frame, now you have to cover plywood with roofing felt and finally your construction is over.

It is desired to use quality material for better construction and long life service. Once you have finished with this installation you have to make some efforts to wrap your wooden material with some kind of aluminum finishing so that it looks perfect for your home. These roofs can add more beauty to design of your house and provide more safety from rain, snow and direct sun light so that you can store some useful items in this area or can spend memorable hours with family in evening hours over here.

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