How To Buy A Unique Birthday Gift For 30 Dollars Or Less

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for your girlfriend, colleague, sibling, or mum, it can be tough to find something unique on a budget.

However, there are so many awesome gifts and products out there for you to choose from.

The city is also renowned for its cultural diversity, laneways, excellent dining options in the budget and some incredible street art. Apart from all these, Melbourne is crowned as the coffee capital of the world and has been voted as most livable city across the globe.

To give you a hand and take the stress out of buying for a girl on her birthday, we’ve put together a few great gift options for you below…

Perfume set

Chanel said that women who do not use perfume have no future.

Sure, sounds harsh, but perfume can represent the overall style of a person, and a nice scent can change the way a woman feels, giving her confidence and helping her be her best.

One great gift idea for your loved one would be the Victoria’s Secret Solid Fragrance Crayons Set, with a little plastic envelope with the words ‘scent with love’ emblazoned on the front.

This gift contains six sold perfumes that are crayon-like, so your girlfriend or partner can put one in her handbag and apply when she wants to smell great – and at Amazon, you cannot go wrong!

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath Bomb Individually Wrapped. Perfect gift ideas for party favors and wedding. This bath bomb gift set is on many’s wish list. Perfect for Father’s Day gifts, birthday gift, gifts for her, spa/bath gifts, for the special one, perfect gifts for mom, wife, girlfriend or women you love.

Some skin care products that are available in the market contain chemicals or elements that could be extremely harmful to the skin. The rise of allergic reaction is very common, and one big reason for this is over hygienic lifestyle coupled with extensive use of antibiotics.

Coconut oil does not have any ingredients that can cause damage to the risk and it is barely an allergen. Thus, it offers a natural alternative to having great protection for the newly made tattoo of ink.

Bath Spa Gift Basket

Mac lipstick

You would never say no to lipstick!!! only 18.5 you can get it in Amazon.

Using oil from coconut is not only safe, but it has numerous benefits also. The bio-available proteins in the oil ensure complete healing of the skin and very quickly.  Even after the completion of the healing process, the use of the same will make the skin become bright and beautiful.


If your partner loves to travel, enjoys fashion and takes selfies all day long, then another birthday gift idea is a pair of  sunglasses

Get these amazing sunglasses in

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