How to Buy The Best Suitcase for Hand Luggage

Traveling with just carry-on baggage is often attractive because you skip extra costs and save dozens of bucks. But which suitcase do you choose? You want a suitcase that fits like a glove, take all the luggage that is needed and above all meet the hand baggage rules. Now the question is, what to look for when buying suitcase for hand luggage.

Travel behavior and budget suitcase

Luggage bags are available in all shapes and sizes. The choice is giant! Travel bags, weekend bags, duffel bags, luggage bags, trolley cases, and trolleys. See which type fits best with you, your trips and your budget. Usually travel behavior and budget go together a bit. Do you travel often or only once a year? Or are you on the road once a month? If you travel often, you can invest better in a more expensive and durable case that lasts for a long time and can take a beating. Otherwise you opt for a cheaper version that meets the general baggage rules.

Dimensions of hand luggage and suitcase

Look at the baggage rules for dimensions and weight that most airlines use for hand baggage. A common size for hand luggage trolley is 55 x 44 x 20 cm and 55 x 35 x 25 cm (height x width x depth). Reading best luggage set guides & reviews online can help you choose a better travel bag for your next trip.

Weight suitcase

A maximum weight also applies to hand baggage. For most airlines, the weight is a maximum of 7 to 10 kg. Only Air France, KLM and Brussels Airlines use 12 kg. To save weight and to take more, it is therefore smart to choose a lightweight suitcase.

Design and colors

Perhaps not the most important thing, but you spend money and want to travel in style so you also look at design and color. It is useful to choose a striking color so that you quickly spot the suitcase on the baggage belt between the many gray, black and blue suitcases. Otherwise you can always attach something characteristic of yourself to prevent someone else from accidentally picking up your suitcase.

Hardcover or softcover suitcase

Are you going for a hardcover or softcover suitcase? A softcover is recommended for soft side luggage or hand luggage. This usually fits earlier in the luggage racks and can also be stored at home easier because it is flexible. In addition: the hand luggage you have ‘in hand’, it is not thrown as it sometimes happens with hold baggage.


Pull rod roll suitcase

Take a good look at the pull rod of a trolley. Whether it is sturdy and you can easily pull it in and out, it must be handled especially in the suitcase. The system is widely used when you travel, so where possible, choose a better pull rod that can have something.

Safety and locks

Keep your things safe and choose a suitcase with a good lock. A TSA slot (stands for Transport Security Administration) is certainly useful if you are traveling to the United States. If the security wants to check your suitcase, they can open the lock themselves in the US because they have a special key or runner for that. There are suitcases with TSA locks, but you can also buy them separately and attach them to the suitcase. Of course they also come in handy when traveling to other destinations.

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