How To Care For Solid Wood Flooring

Wooden floors are a popular choice for homeowners, owing to their endurance and natural beauty. However, they do need some tender loving care, and below are some tips to help keep your wooden floor in top condition.

How To Care For Solid Wood Flooring

1)      Protect from Furniture

Using felt tips on the bottom of furniture legs will protect your solid wooden flooring from marks or scratches. If you have to move furniture, it is best to lift rather than dragging it across the floor. Apply non-skid pads to rugs to stop them moving around and scratching the surface of the floor.

2)      Protect from Pets and Traffic

To prevent pets scratching your wooden floor, trim their nails on a frequent basis. Human traffic can also be guilty of marking or scratching the floor, so avoid wearing shoes (especially heels) on your wooden floor.

3)      Keep It Clean

Dirt can scratch and dull the surface of solid wooden flooring, such as that found at, and so frequently brushing (with a soft-bristle brush) or vacuuming it will help prevent damage.

How To Care For Solid Wood Flooring

4)      Keep It Dry

Mopping should be kept to a minimum, and only a marginally damp mop should be used. Water can damage hardwood floors, so it crucial that spills are dealt with swiftly. If you want to waterproof your floor, see here for more information.

5)      Avoid Sunlight

Overexposure to sunlight can lead to discoloration and fading. Avoid such damage by deploying blinds and curtains or by applying UC coating to windows.