How To Choose A Chiropractor

You probably wouldn’t choose a surgeon blindly out of a phonebook, so why would you choose a chiropractor without doing research first? The reality is, many people are unfamiliar with chiropractic care and are unsure of what to look for when selecting one for a consultation. Here at Bluestone Chiropractic Group, we understand that it can be frustrating trying to find a chiropractor that you trust. These tips will help make finding your perfect chiropractor easy, so you can spend less time searching the web and more time alleviating your pain in a chiropractor’s office.

Check Out Referrals – Referrals come from various places, and can be an excellent place to start in your search for a chiropractor. One of the easiest ways to find referrals is through your primary care physician. Speak to him about any problems you have and tell him you are interested in giving chiropractic care a shot. He may be able to refer you to a Doctor of Chiropractic he is familiar with. Friends and family can also be an excellent source for word-of-mouth referrals. Ask around, you never know who might see a chiropractor on a regular basis and can recommend you a doctor to see. Finally, the Internet is a useful tool for finding referrals. Because many referrals are anonymous, you are more likely to see honest, unbiased reviews of chiropractors in your area, which can help you narrow down your list of doctors to research more.

Look Up Credentials – Once you have a list in hand of potential chiropractors, check out their credentials on line. Look at where they earned their degree and how long they have been in business. See if they are members of a professional organization or hold any other credentials in addition to their degree. You may be comfortable seeing a fresh out of chiropractic school doctor, or you may prefer to see someone who has been in business for years.

Consider Specialties – Many chiropractors choose to specialize in specific areas of chiropractic medicine, and depending on your ailment, a specialist may be what you are looking for. For example, Bluestone Chiropractic Group has doctors with a wide variety of specializations, including sports injury, pediatric and nutrition.  A specialty chiropractor has extensive knowledge in her area of expertise, and may provide more targeted care to suit your knees.

Attend a Consultation – Meeting with a potential chiropractor is really the only way to truly assess how he might work out for you. Schedule a consultation and meet with him in person. Explain your symptoms, ask any questions you may have and assess how you feel about the overall experience. If a chiropractor is welcoming and helpful, and is someone you immediately trust, he could be a great option to pursue your care through.

Test it Out – After your consultation, attend a session with the chiropractor to really gauge how well her methods coincide with what you want from treatment. Pay attention to how well she listens to you and accommodates your concerns. Is she gentle in her manipulations? Do you feel at ease in her office or are you in more pain than you were when you came in? If for any reason you are uncomfortable during your first appointment, and the chiropractor is unable to lessen your concerns, it may be a good idea to consider continuing your search.

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