How To Choose A Removal Company In The UK

How to choose? There’s so many of them. With an overabundance of removal companies, especially in bigger cities like London, it’s difficult to judge just who’s reliable, and who is a common scammer; choosing a good removal company can make a gigantic difference in your home moving process.

First impression

Don’t feel guilty about basing your opinion on a first impression, have a look at a company’s website, see if it’s tidy and well organized. Often, if a company makes a good first impression, it means that they set out to do so, and that signifies a professional approach. Give the company a call, that way you can often get a feel for the type of business they are running, a large part of the removal business is customer approach, and a professional moving company will be able to communicate efficiently.


There is a plethora of websites dedicated to providing you with removal quotes. Visiting such a website and filling in your basic info and requirements gets you in touch with several removal companies. After receiving your request a company will usually contact you by email of phone to either provide a quote (if there was enough specific information in your request) or to arrange for a viewing of your property.


A common trait of all well-established Removal firm is offering free of charge viewings in every larger case. Of course if you have two chairs and ten boxes to move then you can do it by the hour and still not break the bank, but if you have a 4 bedroom house filled to the brim with furniture you are going to need a specialist to come by and establish how much work needs to be done, how many men involved, how much packing material used etc.


If you are having doubts about the company you booked with, it’s always a good idea to check what other people have to say about them. There are large websites dedicated to removal company reviews. Any type of untrustworthy company is immediately smothered in negative reviews. If the people you booked with only have two out of five stars or similar, it would be a good moment to reconsider cooperating with them.


A good way to verify if the company you’re looking to employ is upholding standards is to check if they are a member of BAR (British Association of Removers). Any removal company affiliated with BAR is inspected regularly and has to adhere to a set of rules.


If you are planning to move a large amount of costly items it is recommended to hire a company that provides insurance. The alternative is to photograph everything and then count on the removal crew’s ability not to damage anything, but after that you have no legal grounds to demand compensation for damaged items other then maybe the decency of the company owners.

Lastly, you can always ask around, see if any of your friends has moved recently, or knows somebody that did. Removal companies get a lot of business by word of mouth, but that does not mean you shouldn’t exercise caution and still check up on them.

Dan is a freelance writer for London Removal Experts, providing effective and well organised house and office removals in London.

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