How To Choose The Best Furniture Removalists

Now that you’ve lined up a few quotes from furniture removalists it’s time to get down to business and choose one. You need to understand that choosing the best movers shouldn’t be based on price alone. In fact, choosing the lowest priced mover might result in a lot of problems later on. Here are some other things you must consider, along with the price, to select the best mover.

Customer Care

You can tell a lot about a company by the way that they answer and treat you over the phone. Did the sales agent treat your with courtesy? Did she listen to what you had to say and respond accordingly? How long did it take for them to send you the quote? Did they follow up after sending the quote? Visit the site to evaluate the other employees. Are they service oriented? Did they look professional? Courteous and helpful employees matter, especially if you have problems down the road.


A company that does not look professional on the surface probably is not. Professionalism is about the way that the company conducts its business. From the way that they answer the phones to the presentation of the quote, the level of professionalism matters. While you’re on the site, look at the trucks to see if they are well maintained. Look for an area designated for packing supplies. You should also expect to well-dressed employees, representing the brand.


Most furniture removalists today provide moving insurance for their customers. Ask about insurance even if you’re willing to take out a separate insurance on your own. A company that offers customers the option to ensure the move is usually a good sign.


Ask the company to provide the names of a few of their previous customers to check up on the quality of the service offered. You can also get reviews online. Here are some of the factors that you’ll need to check.

Punctuality: Did the movers arrive on time to pick up and arrive at the destination at the prearranged time? Time is important if you have to hand over keys, turn off your utilities or catch a flight. While it is realistic to expect delays in delivery if there are unforeseen circumstances, there is a big difference between tardiness and circumstantial delays.

Care: You’ll also need to inquire about the level of care that the movers showed on the job. Did they handle the furniture as professionals would? Did they demonstrate experience in the manner in which they disassemble and pack your special items? When you’re entrusting your valuables into the hands of someone else you’ll want to ensure that they are handled with care.

Speed: Experienced movers can pack and load in very little time. When you have a lot to do speed is important.

Consider these factors along with any other factors that are important to you to identify the best furniture removalist.

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